Traveling to Malaysia always makes you miss. In addition to its location which is not too far from Indonesia, also the variety of culinary that never fails on my tongue.

Usually in a year can visit Malaysia several times. Even at that time when I missed the culinary there, I purposely flew to Kuala Lumpur just to go around eating. And for 5 days in Kuala Lumpur, he only worked to eat, when he returned to Indonesia the scales were a bit sensitive. But don’t worry, as long as we are aware of our health, after that, we can increase our exercise so that the accumulated calories can be reduced again.

Talking about health, maybe we know about ourselves. When should we exercise, when should we rest and when should we prepare for the worst. Well, to find out the condition of our bodies early on, we can do a medical check-up. The point is that when something goes wrong in our body, it can be addressed immediately.

And, for friends who are missing Malaysia, there is good news. You can also take a trip to Malaysia while having a medical check-up there. Don’t worry, Malaysia has been recognized internationally as the Best Country in the World for Healthcare from 2015 to 2017. So with this recognition, of course, it will make us prospective patients feel comfortable to do treatment or medical check-up in Malaysia.

The good news is that now all information about hospitals and their doctors can be obtained easily through the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC). So we can consult about various things before we decide to seek treatment in Malaysia. And don’t worry, MHTC will be neutral in providing recommendations, because this institution was formed by the Malaysian Ministry of Health. This is what distinguishes some of the treatment packages from travel agents. Usually they will recommend a hospital that works with this travel agency only. Meanwhile, MHTC will recommend hospitals and doctors that are really needed and in accordance with the condition of the prospective patient.

Oh yes, this MHTC service is also cool. So in addition to providing a lot of important information before we go for treatment to Malaysia, when we arrive in Malaysia we will also get picked up and delivered to the hospital that we have chosen while in Indonesia. They provide a special lounge at the airport that we can go to to make it easier for us to get to the hospital we are going to.

Even though Indonesia is one of the 25 countries that are prohibited from entering Malaysia due to this corona pandemic, don’t worry, if for medical purposes, we can still come to Malaysia for treatment. Of course, also by complying with the health protocols that have been set by the Malaysian state, yes.