Japan is never boring to explore. The four seasons country, which is the most easily accessible from Indonesia, always offers an attractive charm to be visited every season.

Especially now, tickets to Japan are very affordable. Sometimes even when the promo season arrives, the price is much cheaper than domestic tickets in Indonesia!

So, if we only have 3 days of vacation, where would you like to go in Japan? Moreover, this year there are no red dates on weekdays, hihi!

Sometimes I myself have visited Japan several times, still confused about where to go on this short vacation to Japan.

Fortunately, now Agoda has a travel guide feature , so there is inspiration for which destinations we want to see and visit. It’s really helpful for those of us who only have limited time, so that the holidays are still fun and exciting!

Ok, let’s continue..

Even though I only had 3 days in Japan, my vacation yesterday was fun and quite refreshing. So where did you go on vacation to Japan?

Day 1 Tokyo (Asakusa & Shibuya)

Why Tokyo? Yes, it is said that you haven’t been to Japan if you haven’t been to Tokyo hehe. The capital of Japan is the center of all things in Japan. We can find a lot of culture and interesting locations in this city. But where do you like to go to Tokyo?

Asakusa and Shibuya

As a traveler who still thinks about budget and food, I really have to be careful in choosing where to eat and stay. Asakusa is a suitable area to get both of them. Cheap lodging and lots of halal food. So for a Muslim like me Asakusa offers both. At night we can see the Shibuya crossing which is full of the sea of ​​people. It is said that you haven’t been to Japan if you haven’t been to this location.

Sensoji temple

If you come from the airport for the first time, you can buy an Airport Train ticket to Tokyo. There are two options that we can choose. The first is the Narita Express train if you want to go to Tokyo station, or choose the Keisei Line if you want to go directly to Asakusa.

Well, this first day we are definitely still a bit tired after hours on the flight. I usually take a short break at the hotel, after getting a bit fit, just explore. You don’t have to go far. In this Asakusa area also has a lot of interesting places. If you like history, it’s really fitting to explore Asakusa.

So, what’s interesting about Asakusa?

Ok sip let’s continue the story.

One thing that has become an icon of Asakusa is Sensoji Temple. If you’ve seen photos of Japan with giant lanterns in front of the shrine, this is the place to be. For those who want to buy gifts for their future parents-in-law, you can shop here, because along the road from the gate to the temple, there are lots of souvenir sellers such as refrigerator patches, key chains, T shirts, glasses, plates and even traditional Japanese clothes.


It’s complete, it’s like a night market here, haha. But FYI, the shopping street here is only open until 6 o’clock, usually. Oh yes, there are also many who sell lucky charms here, so you can buy them for souvenirs. And the most important thing is, entry to this temple is FREE, you guys are happy. Sensoji is visited by many tourists because it is one of the oldest shrines in Japan.

And if you still have time, please come to the Tokyo National Museum in Taito. This is the largest and oldest museum in Tokyo. Lots of collections of historical objects here. It is located not far from Ueno Onshi Park. Starting from a collection of things related to the tradition of drinking tea in Japan, to the military, they are arranged neatly there. Well, the problem is adadah, we can’t just briefly explore that much history in the Museum. So prepare enough time yes.

Shibuya crossing

The next thing that must be done when in Tokyo is to come to Shibuya Crosiing. Seeing the sea of ​​people here has a different sensation. Because this Shibuya Crossing is also one of the most densely populated in the world. Don’t get dizzy when you’re here. That’s a lot of people!

After a tired day of walking around, it’s time to pamper the body. Onsen, this is very important and worth a try for those of you who are on vacation in Japan. so where’s the good? If you’re in the Asakusa area, it’s better to go to Jakotsu-yu. This is one of the famous onsen in Asakusa. So being tired all day has paid off by soaking in water here.

Day 2 .Tokyo ( Tsukiji Market , Shinjuku , Roponggi )

The market is an interesting thing that I always want to explore when I travel. Well, Tsukiji Market is one of them. Armed with the information I got from the Agoda Travel Guide, I came to this market in the morning. It turns out that the market’s operating hours are from 05:00. Actually, Tsukiji Market has moved to the Toyosu area, but the Tsukiji Outer Market that sells street food is still there. Not bad fresh seafood for breakfast.

Next we can play to the Shinjuku area. There is so much to explore from this area. If you want to see Tokyo from above and it’s free, you can come to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. If you are hungry, you can also stop by to eat at the canteen of the Tokyo government employees there.

And for those who want to shop in Japan, this area has several large malls. From the latest gadgets to branded fashion, everything is there. So, my favorite is Don Quijote (this is a convenience store, some are 24 hours) which is located at 1-12-6 Okubo Shinjuku-ku. For souvenir shopping, this is the place.

For those who like anime, electronic shopping, and unique knick-knacks, you can visit the Akihabara area

If you want to enjoy the golden hour of Tokyo, you can come to the Ropongi Obeservatory Deck. The view here is better in my opinion compared to the Tokyo skytree.

In the evening you can go to the Kabuchiko area. There is a really cute robot restaurant here. Oh yes, in Kabuchiko there are also many love hotels. This is a unique themed hotel, um, that you can try with your partner haha!

Day 3: Kyoto


Then you can move to Kyoto. Can you come directly to Tokyo Station? Just buy a Shinkansen ticket from Tokyo to Kyoto. The ticket price is still more expensive than plane tickets, but I am surprised that more Japanese people choose trains than planes.

It’s true that the trip from Tokyo to Kyoto has a cool view if you take the train. My suggestion is to sit near the window on the right, because once the train arrives at Shizuoka prefecture, we will see the beauty of Mount Fuji when it’s sunny.

So where are the best in Kyoto?

Ok sip we continue.

What came to my mind when I was planning to go to Kyoto at that time was an ancient temple and a bamboo forest. That’s all I want to see, because my travel time is short.

Fushimi Inari

And one of the shrines I recommend visiting is Fushimi Inari. Fushimi Inari is a shinto shrine that has thousands of red Tori gates, very unique indeed. The tip is to come as early as possible, because this temple is very famous, so there will definitely be a lot of tourists who come here.

Next is the Arashiyama bamboo forest, or commonly called Arashiyama bamboo forest. The great thing about Japan is that it can make this bamboo garden location attractive to tourists. Whereas behind the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is a graveyard. But don’t worry, once you get to this place, there are no magical auras complete with incense smells like in our graves he he.


Actually there is one more option, so from Tokyo you can directly take the Shinkansen to Osaka. It doesn’t take long, it’s almost the same as Tokyo to Kyoto. The difference is 15 minutes longer. So if you go straight to Osaka, you can get a return ticket from Osaka to Indonesia to fly.

Then, if you go to Osaka, where do you like it, bro?

Ok sip, let’s continue. Once we arrive in Osaka, we can leave our suitcases or bags at the hotel. Because usually in the morning I can’t check in. Then after that we can explore Osaka.

Actually, there is a lot that can be explored in Osaka. But because our time is limited, I suggest to just visit 2 or three of these places.

First, you can go to Dotonburi. Dotonburi street has a lot to see and try. But so that your vacation to Japan is not called a hoax, take a photo at these 3 Dotonburi icons. Namely Mr. Glico Man (can be from Ebisubashi Bridge) then the second one can take pictures with Kuidaore taro, the Clown doll and the last is the giant crab in front of the Kani Doraku restaurant.


Then, don’t forget to try the Japanese food too. There are authentic Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki here. Because Osaka is known as the “kitchen” of Japan!

Besides Dotonburi, you can also go to Osaka Castle. This legendary castle from Osaka has been around since the Edo period, so at first glance it looks very classic. Granite stone walls that stand firm welcome our arrival. It used to be a defensive wall built by Shogun Tokugawa. Don’t forget to also go to Osaka Castle Park. If it’s Sakura season, we can see it blooming beautifully here.

Well, the last one is optional. If we take the kids on vacation to Japan, surely this place will be very interesting for them. Universal Studios. Yes, this place provides a variety of interesting games, two that are always busy are Hollywood backdrop or Forbidden Journey.

Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of Japanese in this location, because they usually use an annual pass to enter. Tips for coming here, come in January-February or at the peak of summer in August-October.

It’s been a complete 3 day trip through Japan, my friend. Even though I only had 3 days, my desire to have a vacation to enjoy Japan was fulfilled. the important thing is that we must be able to choose and determine which areas to visit. So the existence of this Agoda Travel Guide is very helpful for independent travelers like me. And if we don’t plan well, we will definitely be confused when we arrive in Japan, because Japan is very wide and there are at least 47 prefectures (provinces).

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