1. Eat Ramen


This ramen is a MUST if you go to Japan. Even if you’re not a Naruto fan, who can stand to see piles of chewy noodles mixed with meat, bamboo shoots, then drenched in hot broth? Wow fasting wow!

But be careful, this ramen has pork broth by default. So for those who are Muslim or don’t like pork, you can try halal ramen here .

The photo above was taken at the popular Ramen at Tsujiki Fish Market, Inoue Ramen. The queue is very long. I can only wipe my saliva.


2. Naik Rickshaw

Rickshaw in Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the cities in Tokyo that still has the nuances of the 1950s. Especially with the addition of these handsome Rickshaw brothers.

Near the Kaminarimon gate, you can rent a tour with Rickshaw. Look for an English speaking guide!


3. Cherry blossom viewing


Every year cherry blossom viewing (hanami) is a long-awaited activity. Hanami in Japan is different for each region. Starting from the south first around January, to the north in April.

For Tokyo itself, the cheery blossom will be around the end of March or early April. So before coming here, make sure to first check the forecast on what date.


4. Take a taxi 

This taxi is really fast… the meter

“Crazy taxis, the time from the airport to here is almost two million rupiah!” Said an Australian woman who shared the same room with me in the hostel, translated casually.

“That’s how it is sis. That’s normal. So just take the train,” I said, laughing cruelly.

Oh yes, even though this taxi is an old-school model, the door is automatic. So if you go up, you don’t have to open the door, it will open on its own.


5. Try Japanese Snacks


Don’t forget to try daifuku, dango, manjo, kakiguri, irimame, taiyaki and all kinds of things!


6. Cross the Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya crossing

The Japanese themselves are confused as to why tourists are so happy to cross at this Shibuya intersection. Use photos of everything in the middle of the road, sometimes disturbing the pedestrians. But yeah, I’m happy too. I don’t know how many times I went back and forth across.


7. Relax at Ueno Park


Ueno Park is not just a park. There are many attractions in this park which is probably the most popular in Tokyo. Apart from being able to sit back and watch the dedeks, there is also a zoo, the tokyo national museum, Kanaeji temple, Tokyo Metropoltitan art museum, and many more. Maybe one day is not enough to explore Ueno Park.


8. Electronic hunting in Akihabara


This is a Japanese electronics center. Everything from washing machines, laptops, cellphones, and all kinds of perintilannya. There are many cheap iPhones here, but be careful. On average, the iPhone in Japan cannot be used except by a Japanese operator. So it can’t be used in Indonesia unless it’s been unlocked by software.

Oh yeah, all mobile devices in Japan have a camera, the shutter sound is ‘cekrekkk!’ cannot be turned off. Government regulations to protect the privacy of others.


9. Enter Akihabara’s otaku shops

The shop on the left is fun

And of course Akihabara is the home of AKB48! *flicks lightstick*

For those who only play on FX, look at the KW ones, try coming here once in a while to see the real ones, haha!

In addition to electronics stores, akiba (akihabara for short) is also a center for otaku to fulfill their desires. This shop for comics, movies, and all sorts of knick-knacks that are usually themed with Japanese anime is also here!


10. Eat Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya in Japan has a similar status to warteg in Indonesia. So it’s cheap, when compared to the normal menu at other restaurants. The savior when the bag is dying. The taste is not much different from that in Indonesia.


11. Eat sushi

Hey, beautiful 🙂

Make a recommendation for halal sushi in Tokyo in  this post, okay 🙂


12. Eat Takoyaki

So so

Another Japanese street food: Takoyaki! These beautiful balls filled with octopus are not to be missed. One of the places we can buy this is Gindaco, scattered on the streets of Tokyo.


13. Shop for cameras at Yodobashi 


For photography lovers, this place is heaven. This contains the camera, lens, plus all the accessories. Cameras and lenses can all be tried until satisfied. From Leica cameras to Canon 1500mm lenses, you can try everything until you’re satisfied!


14. Visit Meiji Shrine

There are many temples in Tokyo. One of the most famous is the Meiji Shrine. If you’re lucky, you may see a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony.


15. Breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji is open from early in the morning for the fish auction process. But I’m not too interested. Because you have to take a taxi in the early morning which costs exorbitantly. I prefer to have breakfast here. Lots of choices of fresh seafood that is delicious!


16. Hangout in Roponggi

Roponggi Hills

17. Nostalgic with tokyo tower


For those of you who have watched the old tokyo tower drama series like me, this place can be nostalgic. If not, try watching it. Good movie 🙂


18. Enjoy Tokyo’s architecture

The color tone of buildings in Tokyo is almost the same. Monochrome pastel chocolates. But I really like it. Strolling the super clean streets of tokyo while enjoying these buildings is enough reason to return to Tokyo.


19. So slang in Harajuku


Come here on the weekend. You will meet people with unique costumes!


20. View Tokyo from above


If the tokyo tower or tokyo skytree is too expensive for you, just try coming to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building in Shinjuku. There is an observation deck at a height of 202 meters. Free!


21. Car free day ginza

Ginza car free day

If you’re in Tokyo on a Sunday, try going to the Ginza district. The super wide road here is a pedestrian paradise aka car free day!


22. Shop for souvenirs and snacks at Namikase

Winter in Asakusa

You can buy lots of beautiful food and souvenirs here. Including the fridge magnet and his friends.


23. Make friends with local people