Surabaya is a fun city. The streets are wide and neat. The gardens are clean too. This city is really attractive because it has many old buildings that are still well maintained and the partitions between parts of the city that look symmetrical.

Another advantage is the cheap people smile. Peace of mind.

Meeting friends in the Heroes Monument area, I was then invited to Maspati Lawas Village. This place is one of the famous ancient villages. Therefore, the city government built this village as a mainstay tourist village in Surabaya .

The houses in this village are really good to be photographed. Most of them are relics of Dutch houses that are said to have stood since the early 19th century. Maspati village itself has a long history. If translated, it could lead to the post-Majapahit era.

The village alleys are painted colorfully. Each small house in the hallway has its own characteristics. What is interesting in my opinion is the rigid facade of a typical old house.

One more characteristic of this village is that the alleys are like a complicated maze. One large hallway is connected to a small hallway and a small hallway is connected to another small hallway. If you don’t know the placement of the aisles, it could be that you enter in one aisle and exit in another.

Satisfied passing aisle after aisle, it didn’t feel like it was past noon. I was invited to lunch. At first I wanted to go to Madura for a piece of Sinjai Duck, but considering Saturday is the weekend and the line must be long. Finally, I ate at Duck Sinjai in Surabaya.

I had my doubts about Duck Sinjai in this city. Previously, I had eaten Sinjai Duck in Madura. The delicacy is incomparable, worth the queue. After tasting my food, it turns out that the one in Surabaya also tastes the same, very delicious. The toilet is already one serving of Duck Sinjai.

There is one more thing that cannot be forgotten in Surabaya, Bu Rudy’s chili sauce. As a souvenir for my wife at home, I took the time to stop by for a bottle of chili sauce. I’ve never been to the shop because I think it’s a homemade product. In Surabaya, it turns out that a large shop has been established with a variety of Bu Rudy’s mainstay chili products.

After buying this chili sauce, a day’s walk in Surabaya ended. Starting from a trip without a plan, it ended up getting some interesting stories and gifts for his wife. Sometimes boredom has to be eradicated, so a full day trip in Surabaya is the perfect escape.