Here are the 12 Types of Climbers Based on the Zodiac:

AQUARIUS RIDER (January 20-February 18)

These Aquarius climbers have an impulsive nature. Likes to suddenly do what he wants without thinking about what will happen next. So, if he suddenly wanted to go up a mountain, he would walk right then and there. The nature of the climber of the Aquarius zodiac is supported by his indifferent, obnoxious, and strange character. In addition, this Aquarius Climber has blood type AB which is indeed a strange nature. Ha ha ha.

Usually, this type of climber will not care even if suddenly there is a pocong in front of his face. However, he is very protective of his friends. He could be the most reliable defender in the group. Taro him in the back be the sweeper and all is safe and quiet.

PISCES HILLER (February 19-March 20)

Pisces climbers have the most prominent basic trait, namely, DRAMA. Yep, there’s nothing a little excited. Maybe silence, but staying silent can make a scene. For example, when he saw Ranu Kumbolo, who was so beautiful, he suddenly burst into tears and then wrote a poem and read it in front of his group. The fun thing is, if you already know, this Pisces Zodiac Climber can be the most fussy person who sometimes gets irritated but the climb is not lonely, even though his nature is a bit closed.

Oh yeah, don’t be surprised if suddenly they have blank eyes or often daydreaming, they’re not in a trance, they’re just imagining.

ARIES HILLER (March 21-19 April)

The original nature of this Aries Climber is very ignorant. It’s good to be a child who can liven up the atmosphere. Hobbies can be captivating people. But, it’s also okay if he’s a leader as a leader, because apart from not being afraid of anything, he’s also a typical good leader and really smart. Of course, Aries zodiac climbers can find their way very well, can divide groups appropriately, and at the very least, their knowledge can be very helpful.

TAURUS CHILLER (20 April-20 May)

We can call it a climber who…. lazy person. YUP. LAZY. But his lazy nature is accompanied by his persistent nature. So, even though he’s lazy, but if he’s decided to climb the devil’s cares to the top, he’ll reach the top. Believe me. Supported by his extraordinary stubbornness, of course. And, this patience also supports his persistence. The good thing is, this will indirectly motivate people in the group who seem to have given up but are still willing to try.

GEMINI HIMPERS (21 May-20 June)

The Climbers under the auspices of this constellation have abundant energy. It could be that when we are all exhausted, he is still in installments, who knows where and becomes the group’s entertainer. His unpredictable nature and high curiosity can sometimes shock us at what he does. It can be very helpful, it can be very self-defeating. Apart from being easy to get along with and adapting to the surrounding environment, Gemini Zodiac Climbers are also good at taking advantage of moments for narcissists. Yoi, they do think they’re really pretty, and the danger is… they’re really pretty. Bhai.

CANCER HIMPERS (June 21-July 22)

Cancer has a good nature that really helps his friends in the climbing group, he will be the most loyal person to wait for his friends even though the path is slow, likes to complain, or likes to curl up. But most cancer climbers will only be loyal listeners to your stories. Doi is a bit difficult to open and can’t force him to open even though you force him. It’s a bit difficult if you want to modify them to be your crush. Oh yeah, you have to be careful if you joke with your partner, their children are easily offended, do you want to be pushed into the abyss?

Then…. I don’t know what else to say about this climber, I’ve already said that, he’s closed.

LEO HIMMERS (July 23-August 22)

One more type of climber according to the zodiac that can be a leader in your climbing group team, namely Climber Leo. Yoi, as a natural born leader, it is this courage that is embedded in him that we deserve to rely on. Maybe he’s a little insecure about his ability to lead the group, but slowly everyone will realize that he has a high sense of responsibility, has a desire to protect his teammates, and is also loyal. And.. narcissistic too. Just unite with Gemini and Libra Climbers, they’ll just finish taking pictures.

VIRGO HILLER (23 Aug-22 Sept)

Organizer, perfectionist, intelligent, excellent planner, and also an observer, are the basic traits and traits of the Virgo Climber. If Virgo is the leader in the group, the climbing time, meal times, rest time, and the safety of the group will be guaranteed according to the original plan. Even if you slip a little, it won’t be too far. Very predictable. But that’s right, his perfectionist nature will be quite an obstacle if for example something suddenly doesn’t fit. So, when these qualities are put together, they become ragged. Lots of luggage, I’m afraid of this, if that’s the case, it’s a lot.

Good at thinking, analyzing, and observing around will make the group feel more secure and can rely on climbers under the auspices of this Virgo star. But, you have to be very careful, once you feel ill, that’s it, you will be on the black list from the next hike with him.


LIBRA HIMPERS (23 September-22 October)

Want to ask for snacks during the climb? Just ask this Libra climber. Doi super duper not stingy, extravagant, and.. indeed mostly rich. If you can bring logistics as far as Alfamart, maybe they will bring it. But the climbing elders really have to take care not to walk alone, they are forgetful. Geez!

Joking with Libra climbers is also fun, apart from being relaxed and not easily offended, the average climber of this type likes to joke around. Want to take selfies together? Photos with sticks during the climb? Bring along the Libra, Leo, and Gemini. Immediately capcuss. Oh yes, Libra climbers also love makeup!

SCORPIO HILLER (October 23-21 November)

Never make this Scorpio Climber angry. Danger. His name is also a scorpion yekan, besides being emotional, his mouth is also venomous. Anyway, don’t make him angry. It could be that you were hanged at the top of a mountain. However, the contradiction of the Scorpio Climber is that these two are humorous. The one who will make a lot of laughs in the mountains, right? Is it hard?

But Scorpio Climber is also loyal, will wait and take care of his friends who are already tired, even willing to die to help his friends (closer).

SAGITTARIUS HILLER (22 November-21 December)

Independent, extroverted, nosy, but empathetic and super kind, that’s what the Sagittarius Climber is all about. Doi can really put himself in other people’s shoes and make his heart very soft to deal with people no matter how hard. Need someone to motivate tired climbers? Run to him. Need someone to beat the leader’s hot brain? Give him. Need to beat the group who are more emotional, leave it to Him. Muahaha.

But, this Sagittarius climber 11-12 is also the same as Pisces climber, both drama, and even worst, drama-lebay. Can he really cry out loud, even though he only saw his friend bleeding a little because he was scratched by a rock. Overall, he is reliable, cool, and soft-hearted.

CAPRICORN HIMMERS (22 December-19 January)

Ambitious and skeptical. Want to have a motivator to reach the top or want to go home as soon as possible while on the climb? Just be close to the climbers in the auspices of this zodiac. His ambitious nature will anesthetize you and press the trigger button in you. This ambitious nature is also supported by his stubborn nature.

This trait is also suitable to make Capricorn climbers for group leaders. Or a sweeper is also suitable. Even though he’s behind, he’ll be bringing the group together to keep him motivated to reach the peak he wants.


So, what type of climber are you?

Remember, zodiac signs are mutually influencing, so for example you are a Virgo who is still close to Leo, it could be that your nature is Virgo to Leo-Leoan. Likewise for Virgo who is close to Libra. But if you are far away, it means that your nature is a Pure Virgo.