As one of the world-class modern cities, Tokyo is a shopping destination for everyone. Starting from fashion, crafts, to strange Japanese items that we never thought could exist.

Here are some areas in Tokyo that you can explore while shopping. Each place has its own uniqueness! Let’s see below!

1. Asakusa

Nakamise Shopping Street

Asakusa is sort of like the old city of Tokyo. Some of the buildings here are even from the Edo period!

On the road to Senso-ji Temple called Nakamise-dori,  you can find lots of shops selling cute Japanese gifts and souvenirs . Starting from key chains, fridge magnets, to traditional Japanese decorations.

Lots of street food vendors here. Most of them are in the form of snacks such as taiyaki and mochi . Food vendors will not hesitate to scold you if you eat while walking. They will ask you to eat in a special area beside the shop.

2. Ginza

Car Free Day Ginza

Ginza is a shopping district that has many international brand shops. Many department stores are lined up here.

Starting from Uniqlo, Mitsukoshi, Dover Street Market Ginza, to Ginza Six will satisfy fashionistas from all walks of life.

For those who like art, don’t forget to visit Takumi’s fine craft shop or Itoya’s shop for art supplies . There’s also a pretty big and pretty Apple store in Ginza!

In the photo above, I was in the middle of Ginza street because it was car free day. So, if you’re in Tokyo on Sunday morning, try going to Ginza. When else can you walk and take pictures in the middle of the streets of Tokyo!

3. Akihabara

Akihabara is an electronics shopping center in Tokyo. Apart from electronics, there are also many shops selling various items related to games, anime, Jpop culture, and the like

For fans of the JKT48 group, Akihabara is the place where the band came from. Who else if not AKB48. Their biggest theater is here if you want to watch the performance of this band of beautiful girls.

For me who is a photography fan, there are lots of camera shops in Akihabara. I could spend hours walking around this place. My favorite shop is Yodobashi Camera. In this place there are hundreds of cameras, lenses, and photography equipment that we can try right away!

Oh yes, there are many ‘maid cafes’ in Akihabara that you can try. The cafe is like a regular cafe, but the maids at the maid cafe are cute girls wearing anime-style maid costumes!

4. Harajuku

Takeshita Shopping Street harajuku

This place is home to young people who look ‘Japanese hipster’ or more popularly known as harajuku style . Shopping centers here are centered on Takeshita-dori and Omote-sando.

Shopping here you will find many items that are quite unique. For clothes you can start from Laforet, 6% Doki Doki, and Sou-Sou.

There are also some vintage fashion shops like Gallery Kawano, or RagTag for preloved items.

If you are observant, you can get good second hand clothes. Because usually people in Tokyo are very happy to change fashion modes, but their storage cabinets are very limited due to limited residential space. So they sell a lot of their old clothes.

5. Narita/Haneda airport

Narita Airport

Narita or Haneda Airport could be your last shopping place before flying home.

You can find souvenirs and gifts such as tokyo banana, tokyo milk cheese factory, and other popular souvenirs here. So you don’t have to worry if you forget something. Although the price is a little more expensive than you buy in the city.

After shopping at Narita Airport, I prefer to wait for the plane at the Sakura Lounge. Because it is located directly facing the aircraft parking lot so we can enjoy passing planes.

Sakura Lounge Narita Airport

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6. Shinjuku

Shinjuku is very crowded. Especially when night falls, the lights from the building’s billboards seem to clash with each other.

In Shinjuku you can shop at Isetan, one of the most popular department stores in Japan. Or go to Don Quijote, a convenience store that has items that are ‘very Japanese’ because of their uniqueness and idiosyncrasies.

For those who want to shop for electronics in Shinjuku, you can too, if you are not interested in coming to Akihabara.

7. Shibuya

The famous Shibuya Crossing

Besides being famous for the super busy Shibuya Crossing, you can also make Shibuya a pretty interesting shopping place. Cheap music shops are scattered here. For those who like hipster fashion, you can check Shibuya 109 or Fake Tokyo.

For those who like coffee, you can try Starbucks at one corner of this Shibuya intersection. Because the view from here is quite interesting to watch the people crossing!