he euphoria of having a new tattoo must be balanced with good care. Yes, after getting a new tattoo, there are a number of things you need to do. This is done so that the final result of the tattoo ( healed tattoo ) remains beautiful and perfect.

So, after the tattooing process is complete, you have to wait about 2-3 weeks until the tattoo is completely healed. Well, during this healing period, you need to take intensive care of your new tattoo.

Come on, take a look at some of the things that you must do after making this new tattoo so that the final result of your tattoo remains according to your expectations.

1. Unwrap the tattoo after 1-2 hours

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

After the tattooing process is complete, the tattooed skin will be covered with plastic wrap. The new tattoo will be closed for 1-2 hours to prevent infection by bacteria or exposure to dirt. After 1-2 hours, open the tattoo wrapper. You can also ask your tattoo artist about the right time to open the plastic tattoo wrap.

2. Immediately wash the tattoo with running water

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

After removing the plastic wrap, now you have to wash your new tattoo with running water. This washing process is carried out to clean the remaining ink or blood that appears during the tattoo process.

Gently rub the tattoo with your fingers and avoid using soap or other tools to rub the tattoo. During the recovery period, avoid contact between the tattoo with soap or foam.

3. Regularly apply moisturizer

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

To keep your tattoo moisturised and not peeling, apply an unscented moisturizer regularly. Moisturizer also works to keep the color of the tattoo bright.

In addition to unscented moisturizers, you can also use after tattoo creams that are already widely sold in the marketplace .

4. Protect the tattoo from the sun

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

Newly made tattoos do require extra care. You should protect your new tattoo from the sun. The reason is, sunlight can damage and fade the color of the tattoo.

If you are forced to go outside during the day, apply sunscreen cream on the tattooed skin area. After that, cover the tattoo with a bandage to avoid direct sunlight.

5. Avoid bathing

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

At the time of the shower, your tattoo does not need to be covered with plastic. It’s okay if the tattoo is exposed to water, but avoid using soap on the tattooed body area. Soap can damage the tattoo as well as make the color fade if it hasn’t fully healed.

Even though your tattoo may be exposed to water, you should still avoid bathing. Tattoos that have been submerged in water for a long time can also be damaged, you know.

6. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

If your tattoo is located on a part of the body that always rubs against clothes, then avoid wearing clothes that are too tight so that your tattoo doesn’t rub against the fabric. The friction between the skin and the fabric can damage your unhealed tattoo. Try to always wear loose clothing. Even if you have to wear tight clothes, cover your tattoo with a bandage first.

7. Don’t scratch the tattoo

Do These 7 Things After Making A New Tattoo

At the time of restoration of a new tattoo, the skin that was tattooed will feel itchy. The larger the size of the tattoo or the more parts that are colored with tattoo ink, the more itching will be felt. When you feel itchy, don’t scratch the tattoo every now and then because that can damage it.