Cruise on deserted coastal roads in your own Volkswagen campervan. Idyllic right? Even better is that you can now travel with a fully electric motorhome. There are more and more providers of these E-campervans, so choose the camper that suits you and hit the road!

With a camper you always have your transport and your overnight stay with you. This way you can get to remote places and deviate from the beaten track. It is therefore not surprising that the sale of motorhomes has increased enormously in recent years.

Now I’m lucky enough to borrow my in-laws’ motorhome. But no matter how handy it is, it cannot be called truly sustainable. He loves diesel and slurps quite a bit of it per kilometer. That’s why I searched for electric motorhome rental companies, below I share the results of my search!

 Volkswagen T2 camper

In 2020, study friends Pjotr ​​and Erik converted their first Volkswagen T2 camper into a fully electric vehicle. They got the hang of it and in August 2021 they will add the 5th camper to their fleet. With evan they want you to experience that green road trips are very cool. 

The charming Volkswagen campers provide an instant nostalgic travel feeling and of course also look great on all your travel photos. The campers are equipped with a kitchen and 4 sleeping places. You will also receive a charge card with which you can charge anywhere for free and you can drive an unlimited number of kilometers.

  • Offer: 4 Volkswagen T2 campers
  • Rental price: from €159 per day
  • Range : 175km driving on a full battery
  • Book through: GoBoony

Also great for a road trip in the fall: the electric T2 Volkswagen campers from evan Photo: evan

Leavv: Peugeot e-Expert L3 motorhome

Charlotte and Robbert only started their company Leavv in 2021, with which they rent out brand new electric Peugeot motorhomes. ” We are passionate travelers ourselves, but we are also concerned about climate change. That is why we started a ‘green’ rental company with LEAVV.”

The campers can accommodate four people and are equipped with a kitchen including a refrigerator and crockery. The camper has a handy awning on the side and you can rent many useful extras at an additional cost, such as a bicycle carrier and a camping table with chairs. You can travel an unlimited number of kilometers, but you pay the costs for charging yourself. Incidentally, you can quickly charge the LEAVVs, which saves time. If you don’t have a charge card, you can rent one from LEAVV for €50.

  • Offer: 4 Peugeot e-Expert L3 motorhomes
  • Rental price: from €90 per day
  • Range : 260km driving on a full battery
  • Book via:

At LEAVV you can rent brand new electric Peugeot L3 motorhomes. Photo: LEAVV

Camp-e: Opel Vivaro-e

Twenty-year-old Daan van der Ende loves to travel but is also very concerned about the climate crisis. Combine that with the desire to start your own business, and Camp-e was born: an electric motorhome rental company. 

Together with his father, Daan converts brand new Opel Vivaro-e delivery vans into fully-fledged motorhomes, with space for up to 4 people. The camper has a kitchenette with induction hob and fridge, a sofa bed for two people and a cozy sleeping roof, also for two people. A chemical toilet, bicycle carrier, bbq and more can be booked.

To rent this camper you have to be patient for a while, the first campers are still being converted. Daan expects the first camper to be ready for adventure in July 2022. You can book in advance!

  • Offer: soon 1 Opel Vivaro-e camper, soon more later
  • Rental price: from €90 per day (low season)
  • Range:  280km driving on a full battery
  • Book via: Camp-e

The Camp-e Opel Vivaro is almost available for rent. Photo: Camp-e

Camptoo: ao Peugeot e-Expert camper

Thousands of motorhomes in the Netherlands are stationary for the majority of the year. A shame, thought Martijn Peeters. That is why he offers motorhome owners the opportunity to share their motorhome via his platform Camptoo. And now also electric motorhomes are offered!

The offer is not huge yet, there are currently three electric motorhomes on offer. The most luxurious option are the two brand new Peugeot e-Experts that can sleep four people. This camper has a well-equipped kitchen and even a chemical toilet. Also nice, your dog can travel with you!

Or rent the Nissan which is perfect for shorter trips due to its more limited range of 120km. You can sleep in it with two people and the camper has a small kitchen with a refrigerator, gas burner and sink.

  • Offer: 2 Peugeots e-Expert Fixxter XXL, 1 Nissan E-NV200
  • Rental price: from €88 per day
  • Range: 250 km in the Peugeots, 120 km in the Nissan on a full battery
  • Book via: Camptoo

The Peugeot e-Expert Fixxter XXL is brand new and luxuriously equipped. Photo: EV-Camper

GoBoony: Nissan E-RV ENV200

You can also rent motorhomes from motorhome owners in the Netherlands at GoBoony. You will find the Volkswagens from evan and the Peugeot e-Expert is also offered here. The GoBoony team is happy to expand its electrical range. The platform has sustainable ambitions and wants to ensure that there are no more diesel motorhomes on the road by 2030.

In addition to the aforementioned campers, you will also find the Nissan E-camper ENV200 on GoBoony. This compact camper offers space for two people and has a kitchen, refrigerator, awning and separate awning that greatly increases the living space. The bicycle carrier is also handy so that you can take your bicycles with you.

  • Offer:  Nissan E-camper ENV200
  • Rental price: from €91 per day
  • Range: 200km

The compact E-camper Nissan ENV200. 

A nice side effect of traveling in all these sustainable e-campers is that you don’t have to take environmental zones into account. After all, the emissions are zero! What you have to take into account is that you map out your route in such a way that you pass a (fast) charging station on time. It is good to realize that you cannot charge every motorhome with a fast charger. The LEAVVs can do this, the evans, for example, cannot (yet).