Bandung is indeed one of my favorites, going back and forth to the Flower City will never get bored because there is always something new to enjoy. From the entertainment side, from time to time Bandung tours move with the times.

8 or 10 years ago people usually went to Bandung for shopping. Factory Outlet networks and distributions are rife here. No wonder, Bandung is a mecca for fashion and fashion. Coming home from home, you have to be prepared to bring lots of groceries as souvenirs. The bustling area in that era was of course around Dago-Jalan Riau, where many distros and FO flourished.

Well, lately social media has brought the trend of shopping tourism to nature tourism, attractions and culinary thanks to Instagram. The areas visited were varied. The many alternative tourist attractions allow tourists to explore other parts of Bandung.

That’s what makes it special, the city is beautiful, the people are friendly, the tourist destinations have many choices. Not surprisingly, Bandung continues to exist as one of the main tourist attractions visited by many tourists, both domestic and foreign.

So, there are several references to interesting tourist spots if you want to explore tourism in Bandung. If you have 2–3 days, visiting these places while in Bandung could be the right choice:

1. Trans Studio Bandung

Want to go to a place that offers interesting attractions in one place? Trans Studio Bandung is the answer. This place is a large indoor playground that blends with the Trans Studio Mall and two hotels that are no less magnificent.

If you play here, it’s like a one stop entertainment place . If you want, visitors can spend the whole day trying all kinds of tourist rides inside Trans Studio Bandung. Want rides that are light to those that provoke adrenaline, all are available. So if you want to go to Trans Studio Bandung, you can prepare all day to be more satisfied.

Also keep in mind that Trans Studio Bandung is one of the popular tourist attractions with a lot of visitors. So, try to come early in the morning so you don’t stand in long queues.

To avoid queuing, I usually buy tickets at Traveloka and enjoy the easy access feature . Not only do you get the advantage of faster entry, usually Traveloka also provides promos that make ticket prices much cheaper. No need to queue, you can get a discount too. Double combo fortunately.

2. Floating Market

The Lembang area has always been one of the belle of Bandung tourism. For those who are bored with urban areas, Lembang offers a typical cold mountain air and attractive panoramas.

Lately Lembang has been growing which makes many tourists willing to come all the way even though they have to climb from the city of Bandung. One that is currently busy in Lembang is the Floating Market. This place is one of the favorite tours that are always crowded with visitors.

The unique thing here is the lake and food vendors using boats to sell their wares. So visitors can enjoy the natural atmosphere while tasting snacks or other foods.

The Floating Market area is quite large and quiet. There are several tourist areas to be used as photo spots such as replicas of traditional houses which people say are instagrammable . Not only that, the entrance ticket to the Floating Market is quite affordable . So don’t spend too much when you want to visit.

3.  Farmhouse Lembang

This is also another tourist spot that is currently being hit in Lembang. As the name implies, this Lembang Farm house actually adopts European-style farming houses. So, inside it seems like a mini Europe in Bandung. Not only the houses, visitors can rent European clothes for photo props.

Apart from a row of European houses, at the Lembang Farmhouse there is also a dwarf house. The concept is similar to the Hobbit house in Lord of The Ring which can be used as a photo backdrop by tourists.

One more thing, there is the Backyard Kitchen. A restaurant with delicious menus that visitors to the Lembang Farmhouse can enjoy. The concept of the house is large and similar to luxury homes in Europe.

4. Amazing Art World

This place is a hit place that has recently been in great demand by tourists. Carrying the label The Biggest 3D Art Museum in The World, the Amazing Art World complex is vast and immense.

Located in the Setiabudi area, this place is divided into two complexes, outdoor and indoor. In the outdoor area there are various sculpture installations that can be used to take pictures. While on the inside is a very wide 3D Art installation complex.

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