Can’t you believe it’s already the middle of 2019? Where are you planning to go for the end of the year vacation? Or do you have plans for next year’s vacation?

In the middle of the year, I usually start hunting for promo tickets for autumn in Japan or Korea. Because in October to December, the four seasons most easily accessible from Indonesia has started to my favorite season.

Why autumn? First, because the weather is right. Not hot, not cold either. Cool. So you can still OOTD wearing layers of clothes hehe. Not to mention the green leaves that turn red and yellow. Truly a feast for the eyes!

Winter is also really good, for those who can stand the cold, haha! And usually lodging will be cheaper in winter. Because there are fewer people there. But for tropical residents like us, you must be curious, how does it feel to hold snow?


This Travel Fair will be held in several cities in Indonesia. For the city of Jakarta, there will be from 2-4 August 2019. For Bandung, Medan, and Surabaya, it will be on 1-4 August 2019.

Apart from having a special price at this travel fair, there is also a cashback plus of course! The method is below!

But before that, here are some personal recommendations from me for vacation spots in Japan, especially for the end of this year. Of course, apart from Tokyo and Osaka, haha. Come on, cusss!

1. Aomori 

Mt. Hakkoda

Aomori is located in the northernmost part of the island of Honshu. Can be reached by Hayabusa Shinkansen, the fastest bullet train currently operating in Japan.

If it’s autumn, Hakkoda Mountain will be a favorite spot because the view from the ropeway is truly magical. All the leaves are red!

Mt. Hakkoda Ropeway
View from the Bridge

Besides that Aomori is also famous for Apples. Almost all Japanese apples from this prefecture. On August 2-7 there is also a festival called Nebuta Matsuri. It’s kind of like a lantern festival, but the lanterns are gigantic and in the shape of gods being paraded around the city!

Nebuta Festival (it’s inside the museum)

2.   Nagano

jigokudani valley

Nagano is a highland in Japan. Many beautiful mountains here. But my recommendation of course is Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park!

There you can see cute monkeys bathing in the….Onsen! Yes hot springs! He just acts like a human.

kok enaaa

He didn’t care about human existence. They are also not stubborn and do not like to steal food from us. But keep your distance, because they are still wild animals.

To get to the onsen where the monkeys are, it takes about 30-45 minutes of trekking, so prepare a good jacket and be physically fit!

Nagano can be reached by the Hokuriku Shinkansen, at least a little over an hour from Tokyo.

3. Aichi & Gifu

Nagoya in Aichi may indeed be famous for its industrial city. However, this Tokaido Shinkansen stopover city between Tokyo and Osaka turns out to have many hidden gems .

In the city of Nagoya, we can see some super cool transportation museums! Starting from Chubu airport, we can see Flight of Dreams . A Boeing 787 which was first built is immortalized here.

Be this place an airport food court which is very cool for aviation lovers!

There is also an automotive museum in Nagoya. Not one, but three! Starting from the classic to modern museums. There is also a railway museum which displays all Japanese trains from time to time. As a transportation lover, Nagoya is heaven for me!

Besides Shirikawa-go, in Gifu prefecture my favorite place is Gujo Hachiman. Small town at the foot of the mountain and flowing river. Goju is the city with the cleanest water in Japan. Very cool. Oh, it’s perfect for a honeymoon here!

Gujo Hachiman

4. Hokkaido

This island is probably the best spot for winter. Surrounded by snowy mountains that make us feel like we are in Arendelle and immediately want to sing, “Let it go, Let it go…”

Every January there is also a Sapporo winter festival. So along Odori park, you will be very busy with snowman, ice art exhibitions, and of course delicious foods from Sapporo.

For those who want to ski, don’t worry. Dozens of ski resorts are all over Hokkaido. Make sure to bring a quality jacket! The cold is not relaxing cuyy!

5.   Ishikawa

Ishikawa is located on the northern coast of the island of Honshu. The capital city of Ishikawa is Kanazawa. Often referred to as “little kyoto”

Kanazawa is home to the most beautiful gardens in all of Japan. Kenroku-en Garden. Beautiful in every season. There are cherry blossoms in spring, colorful leaves in autumn, and illuminations in winter!