Lima is a beautiful city, located on the edge of the pacific the city is divided into a long coastline and towering hills. As the capital, Lima is the busiest city in Peru and of course many tourist attractions in Lima are interesting to visit.

For me, Lima is a city that successfully combines the romance of the past and the progress of the modern era. In Lima one can easily find the ruins of ancient buildings side by side with modern buildings without clashing with each other.

Here are some tourist attractions in Lima that must be visited:

Larco Museum

For history lovers, this museum should be number one on the list to visit while in Lima. This museum was built by a rich man who is also a history buff, Rafael Larco.

Located in Rafael Larco’s home, the museum houses more than 4000 Peruvian artifacts dating back to the pre-Inca era. These collections are all private collections, Rafael Larco’s determination has resulted in an award from the Peruvian government. Many of his collections later became the subject of research to uncover Peru’s past.

In this museum there is also a beautiful restaurant with a typical Peruvian menu. After being satisfied, you can enjoy delicious dishes from the chef at the restaurant at Museo Larco.


This archaeological complex is a large complex with the ruins of a gigantic temple. In the past it was a center of worship for Pacha Kamaq, the creator god of the Pre-Inca era.


In this complex there is also a museum that presents the life and culture of the Pre-Inca people. There are many collections ranging from pottery to textiles that date back a thousand years.

In addition to the worship complex, there is also a residential complex whose excavation and reconstruction has now been completed. Visiting Pachacamac means visiting the historical traces of the Lima civilization from the past to the present.

Huaca Pucclana

Before becoming the capital of Peru, Lima was once a city with its own civilization. In the second to fourth centuries AD, Lima was a city of its own culture and produced magnificent buildings like this Huaca Pucclana.

Huaca Pucclana was a place for offerings and was built for a place of worship in the past. The structure of the building consists of bricks arranged in such a way as to form a stacked building.

This place is unique because it is now located in the middle of a modern settlement. If you visit Huaca Pucclana, apart from visiting the museum, you can also tour the excavation area accompanied by a guide.

If you want to have lunch at the same time, in this place there is also a fine dining restaurant that serves Peruvian specialties. Enjoying lunch at the ruins of ancient buildings is an experience in itself that can’t be found anywhere else, right?


Mall on the cliff? Yes, that’s Larcomar. Actually Larcomar is a lifestyle complex which later became popular as a tourist spot in Lima. In Larcomar, there are hotels, malls and restaurants with views of the sea off the Pacific Ocean.

The Larcomar area is indeed suitable for relaxing while shopping, there is a large garden then when we can shop at the mall which was built following the contours of the cliff. Finally, you can enjoy lunch/dinner at a restaurant built on a cliff while enjoying the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Oh, don’t forget to take pictures with the Paddington statue which is the mascot of Larcomar. Paddington is a fictional character who takes inspiration from the bear species in Peru.

San Cristobal Hill

This place is at one of the highest points in Lima City. High in the mountains, Cerro San Cristobal is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics in Lima. When Easter arrives Catholics in Lima will walk from their homes to the top of San Cristobal.

Now at the top of San Cristobal there is a large cross as a Catholic symbol as well as a museum and a viewing platform for Lima.

This place is one of the tourist attractions in Lima which is popular with tourists. Many tourist buses that come to this place take tourists to enjoy the panorama of Lima. Oh, to go to this place is free, there is no entrance ticket.