1. Try the Hong Kong Classic Breakfast, Bolo Bau (Pineapple Bun) and Hong Kong Style Milk Tea!

Bolo Bau and Hong Kong special milk tea

Hong Kong classic breakfast! Bolo Bau is a very dense sweet bread. In the middle there is butter which is quite large and creates a savory taste to complement the sweet taste. The texture of the top is crunchy but the inside is very soft.

After that, we splashed our tongues with Hong Kong milk tea which was very bitter but smooth . Our morning in Hong Kong is complete!

The bread is so big

Many cafes open only for breakfast in Hong Kong! Usually open from 6 am to 10 or 11 pm only.

Oh yeah, even though the English translation is pineapple bun, this bun doesn’t contain pineapple at all. But this crunchy top texture, which is similar to pineapple, has made Bo Lo Bau’s name Pineapple Bun!

Kam Wah Cafe in the Mongkok area, a golden shophouse.

The place I eat in the photo above and also my recommendation to try this Bo Lo Bun is Kam Wah Cafe ( 47 Bute Street, Mongkok , Hong Kong).


2. Shopping like Syahrini and Mother Maia at Tsim Sha Tsui, so that you can be like a socialite even though it’s BPJS (Socialite’s Mediocre Budget)

Just take a photo, buy my bag

Tsim Sha Tsui is the shopping center of Hong Kong. There is a really big mall called Harbor City. That line of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and the like is still in the Harbor City mall.

But even if you don’t have the budget to shop for bags like Syahrini, Tsim Sha Tsui is still fun for sightseeing! The streets are photogenic. Moreover, at the end of the road there is Victoria Harbor which is pretty cool at night. At least I can pretend to be shopping while holding the bag I bought at the Temple Street market haha!

Getaway hotel , Tsim Sha Tsui

If you go to Hong Kong, your goal is to shop at Tsim Sha Tsui, stay in this area so that it’s easy to carry groceries in those suitcases. I stayed at the Getaway hotel (Marco Polo) , still inside Harbor City. Just steps from Louis Vuitton. The rooms are very nice and get tea time in the afternoon!


4. Eat DIM SUM! There is halal dim sum you know in Hong Kong!

Dim Sum Feast!

Dim Sum is enough to be one reason for me to return to Hong Kong. Very delicious! I eat baskets like I’m not full hehe!

For those whose diet is halal food, in Hong Kong there is a halal dim sum place at Osman Ramju Sadick Islamic Center Canteen in the Wan Chai area. In this five-story mosque building, there is a small canteen on the fifth floor. They have a lot of typical Cantonese menu including this dim sum!

Where’s the hakau…


5. Shop at Temple Street Market. Bid until satisfied!

The gate of temple street market

Now, those who want to shop for things such as bags, clothes, and accessories such as cell phone cases can here. You can bid too. It’s just that, be mentally prepared if you are yelled at by the old merchants here if you make a sadistic offer.

So the story goes that my sister was bidding on a bag at Temple Street Market with my grandmother. It cost HK$140, bargained for $80. After a lot of bargaining, we decided to go find another bag. The grandmother immediately said in a cantonese accent, “You’re my first customer, I’ll give you $50. You are happy, I am happy.”

But we still go. After playing around, it turns out that the grandmother’s price was indeed the cheapest. When I got back there, my grandmother didn’t want to give me another $50. “I told you, I have the best price. No more fivty. Now it’s $100,” said the old woman hoarsely. I keep buying it with my sister, I should be able to get two of those, haha!


6. Ladies, don’t forget to shop for beauty products at LADIES MARKET

ladies market

For ladies who are crazy about cosmetics or cheap masks, you can shop here. I don’t know haha!

But it’s pretty good for those who open open POs and deposit services. Uhm.


7. If you’re feeling low, try taking the TRAM Around Hong Kong City!

Ma’am is upset..

This tram has been around since 1904 in Hong Kong. Even though they already have a subway (MTR), this tram is still maintained.

Try going to the 2nd floor of the tram to get a slow experience around the city of Hong Kong. The road is not fast, but it passes many interesting spots in the Western district, causeway bay, happy valley, and north point. Once up the fare is HKD 2.3. You can use an Octopus card or pay cash directly.


8. See the old apartment building in Quarry Bay

just WOW

Land is an expensive item in Hong Kong. The average person lives in an apartment. In the Causeway Bay area there are all apartment complexes that are very close to each other between the buildings. One of them is this Fok Cheung building. Because of its unique shape, this place is a tourist favorite if you want to go to Hong Kong. Just because this is a residential area, please respect the people who live there. At least don’t be noisy when you’re taking pictures.


9. Shopping (again) in Times Square

Times Square

Not to be outdone by New York, Hong Kong also has Times Square in Causeway Bay. There are lots of random shops nearby, from cosmetics to apple stores. But what’s cool here is the mall. The series of elevators and stairs are photogenic!

Times Square Mall


10. Ride to Victoria Peak on the Peak Tram from 1906!

This is again on the tram which is going uphill

Victoria Peak is one of the highest points in Hong Kong. There are several ways to get there, you can take a bus for 40 minutes. Or take this tram which is only 7 minutes away!

If you can, don’t come here on the weekend. Queuing for the tram, which has been around since 1888, can take up to two hours! Then in the afternoon, the possibility for fog is even greater.

The view when you go to Hong Kong, make sure you’re on the right when you’re riding

From the top of Victoria Peak (or more popularly as “The Peak”), you can see the view of Hong Kong city from above!


11. Relax while taking Korean-style photos at Kowloon Park


Hong Kong has many parks that you can enjoy having fun. One of them is this kowloon park. Near this park there is also the Kowloon Mosque for those who want to worship.


12. Go to Apple Store

Apple store causeway bay

Before Singapore, Hong Kong was the closest country to Indonesia to have an official Apple Store. In Hong Kong there are several Apple Stores. Everything is majestic. Made of full clear glass. It’s like the clarity of these apple sales cici-cici that made me err in exchanging cc friction with an ipon…

I was smitten with this sales lady, so I finally bought an iPhone 🙁


13. Sunday hangout with Indonesian workers in Hong Kong!

Victoria Park

If you go to Victoria Park on a Sunday, you will feel like you are at Monas, not in Hong Kong. Because for some reason, these Indonesian workers in Hong Kong are all relaxing. Even when I was there, there was a recitation for mothers….They usually had a picnic while bringing Indonesian food. Gather with comrades in arms, while recharging energy for Monday tomorrow 🙂


14. Enjoy the Hong Kong Skyscrapper from Central Plaza

Hills and buildings in Hong Kong that are fighting each other high

If you want to enjoy Hong Kong buildings for free, try going up to Central Plaza on the 45th floor. This is an office building that has a 360-degree view of Hong Kong. Usually the employees here unwind while drinking a cup of coffee. The Peak Hill is also visible from this building.


15. Cross from Victoria Harbor to Kowloon by Ferry!

Crossing the Ferry in Hong Kong

In addition to taking cars, trains, and trams, Hong Kong also has ferry transportation for those who want to go to places near ports that are not accessible by other means of transportation. When crossing, we can enjoy the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Especially if you spread the afternoon until the evening. Very romantic.

Towards dusk


17. Watch the Symphony of the Light Show 

But when I got there, it was earth hour! :))

This show is next to Victoria Harbour, still in the Tsim Sha Tsui Waterfront area. Every day at 8 pm this show is always there. There is music and narration that will accompany the laser light in the buildings across from victoria harbour.