When there was a commotion about the outbreak of the Corona virus aka Corvid-19 in Italy, I remembered that there was a debt that I had not written an article about Pisa from my last visit to Europe. So let’s read the following reviews for tips on visiting the Tower of Pisa.

How to Get to Pisa

Pisa Tower is located in the city of Pisa. The nearest big city is Florence or in Italian Florence . To get to Pisa we can take the train from Florence St. station. Maria Novella, 52 minutes train ride and arriving in Pisa Centrale. This train is not a fast train, only a Regionale type train, so there is no need to buy it in advance because the departure schedule is very large. Once in Florence, you buy tickets on-the-spot at a ticket machine for Pisa, fare 8.70 Euros one way. Likewise, when you return home, buying tickets on-the-spot will be more flexible.

If you come from Milan or Rome, it’s still the same, you need to take a fast train ticket first to Florence and then change trains to Pisa. This time, I took a day trip from Milan, so I took the Italo train to Milano Centrale – Firenze SMN (the cheapest ticket was 23 Euros one-way, bought online), then changed to the regular train to Pisa.

When you arrive at Pisa Station, exit and cross to the bus stop and take bus number 4, or wait for the LAM Rosa (red) bus at the stop in front of the station. Bus tickets can be purchased at kiosks within the station. The bus ride took about 15 minutes to reach the gates of the Pisa Tower complex.

Tower of Pisa Ticket

If you just want photos in the complex without going into any building, then there’s no need to buy a ticket. What you usually see people taking photos while holding, leaning, or pushing the tower of Pisa… it’s free.

Pose Standard Turis
Pose Standard Turis

Well, here’s a standard tourist photo from me hehehe.. For templates, you can search on Google, how creative people pose for photos. From the funny to the shy will also be seen here.

There is a free pass to enter the Cathedral church in the complex, but the number is limited and can be collected at the entrance counter.

Tips: It’s better to come in the afternoon when the tour group has drastically reduced, also adjust the ticket hours to go up the tower.

Pisa complex

In fact, the complex was named after a collection of several buildings: the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery, the Opera del Duomo Museum, and the Pisa Tower itself. Apart from the Cathedral, others need a ticket to enter it.

A little history, this Pisa Tower was started on August 9, 1173 but experienced various wars as a result, it was only completed in 1319, and the bell was added in 1372. So even though the building looks smooth and beautiful, it is actually more than 800 years old.

Baptistery, Cathedral, and Tower in the back
Baptistery, Cathedral, and Tower in the back

As soon as you enter the Pisa complex, it really feels like wow.. the building is beautiful and bright white, it’s a different era from the buildings in the city of Pisa and Italy in general, which are mostly terracotta colors.

For buildings inside the Cathedral I think it’s pretty standard for the size in Italy, so nothing ‘wow’. So I focus on discussing the tower of Pisa.

Climb the stairs

Prepare your legs and body if it turns out to be a ticket to go up the tower of Pisa. We have to gather at the entrance of the tower about 10 minutes before the booked hour, then later there will be a briefing and a brief history of the ’tilt’ of the Tower of Pisa. Next, please climb the stairs that continue to twist until you get the reward at the top.

If you bring a backpack, you will be asked to put it in the storage room, a building next to the Pisa Tower.

Climbing up the stairs
Climbing up the stairs

We will not feel tilted while in this tower. Understandably more focus on keeping the breath so that it can rise.

View from the top of the tower to the Pisa complex
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