Mount Salak is an extraordinary mountain full of mystical super strong. There are so many mystical stories milling about this Mount Salak.

You know, it’s like, Mount Halimun-Salak was once the kingdom of the Siliwangi demon, in Mount Salak, many people like to suddenly disappear when they find themselves dead.

Moreover, when the Sukhoi plane tragedy hit Mount Salak. More and more mystical events that many people claim. For example, there are some climbers who claim to meet beautiful flight attendants on the way, even though in the afternoon, when you look again, the flight attendants are see-through and have no legs.

Nice isn’t it?

Yes, as usual people who can see ‘that’s the way’ when told about things like this, are lazy too. Better to sleep at home, just listen to stories from people who have been to Mount Salak.

But in the end, I was given the same opportunity as the one who has life, to visit Mount Salak and experience firsthand what really is on Mount Salak. So I can share my story about Mount Salak.

So, just go ahead, here are 7 things you should know about Mount Salak version of the Acen-style Climber’s Way:

1. Have Two Peaks

Mount Salak is famous for its two peaks. The path too. Peak 1 of Mount Salak has a height of 2,211 meters above sea level. The path to Salak Peak 1 is also known to be easier than Salak Peak 2 which has a height of 2,180 meters above sea level. Compared to Peak Salak 1 or commonly called Puncak Manik, Peak Salak 2 is also less popular and less scary.

Less scary?

Yes, I don’t understand, but many climbers who are actually interested in climbing Mount Salak want to see Mbah Salak’s tomb on top of Manik Peak. In addition, for some reason, many also want to feel the scary sensation of this mountain. Even though, well… it’s really lazy to meet such gentle creatures…

2. Ordinary Tracks

Another one from the major… uh, no, I’m not endorsed by the mayor. Stay fast.

Another one that is often echoed,


Ajan times ah reverberate.

One more thing that people often talk about is that Mount Salak has a tight track, continues to be very heavy, and so on that makes the guts shrink. But when I got there…. The track is just normal.

The first usual,
starting from the basecamp which is far from the first post climbing, we will cross the hot asphalt under the hot sun that can bake a heart that is hot with jealous fire. lol. From the climbing post to the first post, the hike will take about half an hour, even if you don’t complain about it. Very normal right?

The second usual,
From the first post of climbing, we will immediately be greeted with a vertical rock track interspersed with a little bonus. And so on until agumon turns into wargreymon. Long, long and tiring. Not to mention if you find a stone that is slippery and prone to slipping. Is it normal?

The third usual, the
rocks were just warming up. Such a track has nothing to do with the actual track. So, when we survive to finish the rocky track that has killed a lot of chili and eggplant pairs that are about to go to Kawah Ratu, we will arrive at a fork called the BAJURI intersection. Don’t expect, there’s no bajay here.

… duh, it’s too old.

Well, from the Bajuri junction, then, the adventure of climbing Mount Salak with a true track begins…

3. Forest Tracks

Well, the adventure has just begun.

Have you read the story about Mount Rakutak?

More or less the climbing track of Mount Salak is similar to Mount Rakutak. Clay track. Rooted big. Dark and full of mystery. Like the heart of the crush.

Even though it’s far from the words of many other climbers, the track is Mount Salak very tight, but the forest track of Mount Salak is still quite chilling. Besides being pretty tight, it’s pretty dark, the path is also pretty breath-taking. But not to the point of moaning.

….is that a forest track, what else can you do*…

*anuan can be replaced with toy cars that make a groaning sound.

Facing this forest track on Mount Salak, you have to be extra patient. Besides sometimes the terrain is astaghfirullah, making knees meet eyes, there are also not many stalls available that can be used to make tents when it’s too late. So whether you want it or not, you keep on moving until you at least reach the top of the shadow.

Likewise, the cave from the spirit path, until racing 3 groups of climbers who were still exhausted, kept walking as slow as a snail, until slowly zombiefication started. Walk while regretting why I want to climb this damn mountain.

As soon as I arrived at a big tree, when I glanced behind it, it turned out that there was an incline where my knees met my forehead. At first I just laughed satirically, then suddenly shouted:

“Calm down, bro, the peak of the shadow is just a little longer. It’s on HM 45…” said the gemes who were sitting down.
While glancing at the HM pole sticking out of the tree trunk, I stroked my ass,…

“…..still HM 23….”

Then fainted.

acen the climber on mount salak

4. Shadow Peak

Don’t be sad, it’s not just your crush who always shadows you wherever you go, but almost every mountain has a shadow peak. The presence of this shadow peak sometimes makes us a little happy because it means, the actual peak is near from the eyelids.

However, so it must still be very far from the 7L reach of feet: you’re tired, you’re lethargic again.

But at the very least, this shadow peak can be used as a harbor for those of you who are no longer able to make love anymore, nganu, meaning that you can no longer climb. The one at the top of the shadow according to the cave is still enough for four to five tents to stand upright.
The location is also quite flat and protected from the winds of the past that continue to whack.

….but, because you can say it’s still in the forest, so be prepared if you know that in the middle of the night someone is singing to themselves.


5. Mbah Salak’s grave


Finally arrived at Puncak Salak 1: Puncak Manik. Seriously, from the peak of the shadow to the peak of the Manik is really a never-ending struggle. As a climber who has been in the zombiefication process, meaning that climbing while staggering is a winner, you can really get to the top.

What should be noted is, along the way to Puncak Manik from the peak of the shadow, we will find lots of webbing or rigging that will help us climb, considering the path is quite extreme.

Although in the end, I just realized, this webbing is not very useful for climbing considering that there are many rocks and roots that can be reached. Especially if you’re climbing with someone you like, this location is perfect for the mode of giving a helping hand. These webbings will be very useful on the way down. Believe me.

One thing that is arguably the most iconic of Mount Salak is the Tomb of Mbah Salak.

Yes, the tomb that I photographed is the tomb of Mbah Salak. What he said was the ruler of Mount Salak or something. So do not be surprised if many local residents also make pilgrimages here. In fact, said Fajril, a friend who climbed the cave yesterday, that Mbah Salak’s tomb is just a tomb, without an embedded body.

So it’s like just an empty tomb for a pilgrimage.

….But still, yes it’s scary.

6. Starry Night

Don’t mean to scare

But Mount Salak has a lot of softness, it’s not wrong. Yes, indeed in all the mountains there must be a lot like what I have written in the Most Frequent Questions. So don’t be surprised if it’s the middle of the night like there are noises and whatever, then you can’t sleep anymore.

Because you know, once we wake up, our ears will somehow become more sensitive to sounds. Not to mention if the fear has spread everywhere. The one who is desperate to pee, is desperate to be broke, is hungry. And remember, behind the tent is Mbah Salak’s tomb……
Because it has hit the cave, so I hope it doesn’t happen to you guys.. Hihihihi…. 

Beklah, because I couldn’t sleep anymore, I ended up waking Fajril up by asking him to pee together. Even though I don’t want to confront Mr. Teapot alone wikikikiki. But when I got out of the tent…

“JRILL! The stars are great!”

…. for some reason I even sound like Fajril’s mode. Damn. bye.

Then I took the camera and…. This is a gift for you….

…I mean to make a startrail, what’s the point, it turns out to be like dandruff

7. Sunrise in the Far East



The cave’s ass shook gently to release the air that had been held in the stomach for a long time.

 did you hear the melodious strains of the voice earlier?

“What, bro?”

“Eh, can’t you hear it?”

“ANJIR! You fart huh???”

“Uh, I don’t know…”

“Uh yeah, why doesn’t it smell…”

A moment later. The silence of the night reigned again. Then…..

“You bastard! BOUUUU…”

“Eh, it smells like delay, maybe the effect of drinking milk tea earlier. 


“The farts in the mountains are different, they smell…. It’s like there’s tai tainya…”

Two things that make me want to slap Fajril at the same time as dirty from the top of Salak are: his fart which (also) smacks of tai, as well as what he said:

“Ah, there’s nothing in Salak, bro. The view is not good, no need to bring a tripod.”


The stars of the night sky in Salak are too beautiful, and thanks to not bringing a tripod, I took simple photos with this stick. From the expectation that I wanted to take a star trail-style photo, it turned out to be like dandruff on black, shiny, sanslik hair. I’m sorry.

Luckily, I managed to get my revenge by making him nauseous because of my fart.

But after taking pictures of the stars, it turns out that I can’t sleep anymore, and in an instant the night has turned to morning. And again, which is far from expectations about Mount Salak, it turns out, Mount Salak has a sunrise as beautiful as this~

salak mountain

That’s all for the report on Mount Salak. If it’s too much, I’ll run out of writing material for books. So, if the information is useful, please share it with your friends.