The blue sky with drifting clouds and the blue sea with its beautiful white sand beach seem to blend into a beautiful horizon. That’s what I saw when I first set foot on this beach, the name is Maluk Beach.

It is called so, because the location of this beach is in the Maluk sub-district. To reach it from the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, Mataram is not difficult, there is public transportation that serves the Mataram-Maluk route with a travel time of about 6 hours.

Between the trips, you have to cross by ferry for 1.5 – 2 hours, namely at Kayangan port (Lombok) to Pototano port (Sumbawa). Meanwhile, from the port of Pototano to Maluk itself, it takes almost 2 hours to travel with a distance of about 60km.


Don’t worry, even though the journey is quite long and tiring, the scenery that is passed is so beautiful that without realizing it we have arrived at the city of Maluk sub-district.

This wide-spread beach is actually a bay, so the waves are not too big and conditions like this are perfect for swimming in the clear sea or playing canoes which are widely rented on this beach.

Sitting relaxed on the beach while enjoying the beauty of the beach and the seafood menu available on this beach also gives a special sensation for those of us who enjoy it. While watching the local children playing on the clean and beautiful beach.

Maluk Beach itself is actually very famous in world surfing forums because of its distinctive waves, namely Super Suck .

The nickname Super Suck is due to the waves heading towards the mainland which are split by a headland, which the local community is known as Tanjung Ahmad, located at the end of this beautiful Maluk bay.

The waves that roll up to a height of 2 meters seem to challenge the guts of the world’s surfers to conquer it.

The facilities at Maluk Bay are neatly arranged, I can find several food stalls with the main menu being processed seafood. The toilets are also clean, but the numbers are still minimal. Prayer rooms, benches for sitting on the beach, canoe rentals and surf boards, but I don’t see any showers when we’re done playing in the sea.

The construction of public facilities on this beach cannot be separated from the intervention of PT. Newmont Nusa Tenggara (NNT). This company has started to empower the community around the coast to care more about this Maluk beach which, if managed and maintained properly, is not impossible to beat the fame of Kuta beach and Sanur beach in Bali, one day.

When I was on the hill at the end of Maluk Bay on the way to the Super Suck spot, I saw a layer ship anchored in the bay. After asking Oom Nanang—my friend who works at Newmont—the ships actually sailed from Bali and took tourists to surf at Maluk Beach. After they finished surfing, they got back on the boat and left the beach area. Yes, just want to surf.

It’s a shame, isn’t it?

If only the management of this beach was further improved, maybe the foreign tourists would stay in Maluk much longer. The community will also benefit, can be empowered to manage the inns or restaurants that tourists need while they are in the coastal area.

I didn’t realize it was midday, and my two friends ordered seafood at one of the restaurants on the beach. The menu for the afternoon was roasted red snapper and a bowl of Maluk’s signature vegetables and a glass of mango juice.

It didn’t take long for all of the orders to arrive and without a long wait all the food served was sold out in no time. It’s a beautiful shame even though previously there were no plans to  travel here.