Who doesn’t know China? This bamboo curtain country is famous for its expertise in making various kinds of goods, ranging from electronic devices to household furniture, almost all of which read Made in China. Not only that, China is also famous for its  counterfeit or imitation goods. Starting from clothes, to  sophisticated mobile phones  can be hijacked. When I was in junior high school, I could tell Chinese-made pirated shoes from a distance of 5 meters, but now it’s more difficult, because they are getting smarter. After hundreds of years of producing these various knick-knacks, now China is back with a grand plan, creating the world.

A very high stairway greeted us at the end of the subway tunnel at Shijiezhichuang station, –which was somehow spelled out, or the Chinese had deliberately complicated the name so that no one was interested in faking it.– the last station before our destination. At the top of the escalator is a  glass pyramid  that looks (because I’ve never been there) “similar” to the one at the Louvre Paris France, only smaller in size, and the material looks cheaper, with the words “Window Of The World”.


Welcome to Our World!

“WELCOME TO OUR WORLD” That’s the super large writing plastered at the entrance of the Window of The World, Shenzen, China. The low winter temperature did not dampen our willingness to immediately explore the imitation of the world made by China. With an entrance ticket –at the time– for CNY 160 per person, and a map obtained at the counter, we started exploring their world.

From Wikipedia , I know that this Window of The World is located in the western part of Shenzhen, or to be precise in the southern China region, north of Hong Kong, and is located east of the city of Guangzhou. This 48-hectare Theme Park  features more than 130 replicas of world-renowned buildings with an average scale of 1:15, and is one of Shenzen’s favorite tourist attractions, with the main attraction being the 108-meter-high replica of the Eiffel Tower located in the center.

[Note: Some of the photos shown in this post are imitations of the original building, if there are similarities in place, name, and location, maybe only God knows. Tip: Add the word “Miniature of” at the beginning of the titles of some photos in this article.]


Landscape view of Window of The World

Broadly speaking, this Window of The World can be divided into:


A. Europe Zone


Piazza San Marco of Venice, Veneto.

Want a vacation to Europe, but don’t have much money? Just come here. In this blue continent zone, there are several world landmarks, especially Europe that have been legendary, including the towering Eiffel tower, the leaning tower of Pisa, the artistic Cologne Cathedral, to the ordinary stonehenge.


The Eiffel Tower (plus huge Chinese handwriting on its frame)


The Piazza della Signoria of Florence


The Leaning Tower of Pisa

B. American Zone


Liberty + The Statues of Easter Island, Chile + Mount Corcovado, Brazil

For someone with an Islamic face and name like me, it is definitely more difficult to get a United States visa. But don’t worry, here you can see the Statue of Liberty without deodorant, prints of the faces of the presidents of the United States on Mount Rushmore, to miniatures of the beautiful city of New York. In addition, here there are also several replicas of objects found in other Americas, such as the Statue of Jesus on Mount Corcovado Brazil, ancient stone statues on Easter Island Chile, as well as totems typical of North American Indian tribes.

One other attraction that is no less interesting is  Flying Over America, namely a three-dimensional cinema show, where visitors will be invited into a room arranged in such a way that it seems as if they are in the cockpit of a classic airplane. Later the screen will be turned off, and the spectator seats will be raised as high as 3-4 meters, which moves according to the direction of the aircraft on the screen. The route, of course, is to fly around America.


Niagara Falls (Model: Ainul, Ariel, Ryan & Alfia)

C. Asia Zone


Indonesians know his name, minus the lantern photographer.

Have you ever been to Europe and America but not satisfied exploring Asia? Relax, here are many  landmarks from Asia that you can enjoy a bit, because they are served in smaller portions. One of my favorites is India’s Taj Mahal and the intricately carved Borobudur Temple. In addition, here there are also replicas of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, Singapore’s Merlion, to the Grand palace of Thailand. Interestingly, I didn’t find a replicaception here, because there was no replica of the Great Wall of China made by the Chinese who were then made replicas by the Chinese as well.


Autumn in Korea (Model: Ryan & Alfia, a halal married couple.)


Ishtar Gate of Babylon (Model: Alfia, istri sah Ryan.)


India’s Taj Mahal (Model: Dimas, now married.)

4. Zone in Africa


Sphinx & Pyramid Egypt (Model: Ariel, status berpacaran.)

Africa is a continent that is arguably dangerous for most  tourists , but not here. In Window of The World, this black continent is depicted very pleasantly. You can ride a camel in Egyptian traditional clothes and take pictures in front of the Pyramids and Sphinx, visit typical African houses, and dance with people who dress up like Africans. Fun is not it?


Please select the nocan.

5. Zona Oceania


Sydney Opera House

 Not so much to see from this zone, only the Sydney Opera House above the mossy pool, complete with the Sydney Harbor Bridge that spans the moss pool. There is no  Hobbiton  – the village of the  hobbits in the Lord of The Rings film, which was later remade and used as a tourist attraction in New Zealand –, kangaroos & koalas – Australian animals, who became icons of the country –, as well as models taking pictures in front of the Zone object. this Oceania. It’s very unfortunate.

6. Other Zones


Uh Ah Uh! (Model: Ainul, single, obsessed with statues.)

In addition to replicas of cool buildings from various continents, in this theme park you can also find shady gardens with various kinds of trees, gardens containing statues with very exotic poses, as well as various paths designed based on their original locations such as Asia Street, Church of Europe Style Street, to Islamic Street. If you have more funds and time, allocate it to the Alpine Ice and Snow World which is located within the Window of The World complex. There, you can play in the snow, and see some ice sculptures packed in a temperature of around 0° Celsius.