After reading the article, you will save on endless trips to the doctors and, finally, you will understand “where the “legs” of dental problems grow from.”

There is little to enjoy in a toothache. More precisely, nothing at all. And so you walk – heal, walk – heal. Years of receptions, but caries progresses, bad breath appears every now and then, and the gums bleed. The result of treatment depends on which doctor you get: traditional dentistry or integrative dentistry.

A conventional dentist will ask , “How do you brush your teeth?”

An integrative dentist will ask , “How has your diet, lifestyle, and hygiene changed in the last couple of months?”

It is not enough to tell the patient to take better care of his teeth. An integrative dentist will help you adjust your diet, talk about foods that promote bacterial growth, and work with the cause.

Or, for example, you came with bleeding gums.

The doctor of traditional dentistry will say : “Treat the gums with such and such an ointment, brush your teeth with such and such a paste. See you”

An integrative dentistry doctor will ask : “What texture did you eat? Have you had your blood tested for sugar? Because the cause of gum disease can be an autoimmune disease, for example. And for this, a blood test is needed in order to prescribe the correct treatment. ”

It also works from the opposite: it became painful to bite on one tooth – because of this, the food remains poorly chewed, then it is poorly digested, because of this, the body receives less microelements, and this leads to caries.

But the chain doesn’t end there. Due to the soreness of one tooth, the load falls on one side of the jaw. And when the load shifts, the muscles overstrain and asymmetry appears. The result is a displacement of the lower jaw. Later, the joint is overstressed. It crunches, clicks, which leads to overstressed muscles. And this is already a restructuring in the cervical region – spasmodic muscles, headaches and a direct effect on posture. And it would seem, just teeth …

Teeth are an indicator of the state of health of the whole organism. And just treating them is not enough. We need to look for the reason. This is what integrative dentistry does . This is an integrated approach to the study of the body in dental treatment.

I am Olga Nikitina, President of the Association of Integrative Dentistry. Saved money for more than a hundred patients on pointless examinations and doctor appointments, most of which shrugged their shoulders or blindly gave the wrong recommendations. 

In 2022, for this approach to work, she received a high award “For Contribution to Innovative Methods in Dentistry”.

Integrative dentistry is based on an individual approach and gives side effects in the form of a surge of energy, good mood and health not only in the oral cavity. Choose professionals with a broad view of the problem, then there will be much less health problems.