Indonesia, which is an archipelagic country, makes it easier for us to travel long distances using air transportation, including overseas. Whether you are on vacation, visiting relatives’ homes, or on a business trip out of town or abroad, taking a plane is the most effective means of transportation compared to other means of transportation. Moreover, the number of days of leave or vacation for Indonesians is very limited, so time really has to be taken into account.

With a much shorter travel time, it is only natural that the price of airline tickets is more expensive than other means of public transportation. To get around to keeping the price affordable, we just need to be smart about ordering cheap airline tickets.

Cheap Tickets When Not Promo

Most people like to hunt for cheap airline tickets when there is a promo. People will flock to book plane tickets. But, what if you want to hasten your travel agenda but the promo doesn’t go down right away? Here’s the tip;

  1. Select Airline

Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airlines generally have cheaper prices, but not forever. Just compare all airlines, both LCC and full board airlines with the same route so you don’t regret it later. What is clear, if you try to book tickets well in advance of the day of departure – at least 3 months in advance, you have a greater chance of getting cheaper tickets.

2. Determine the Departure Time

The day and date you will choose will greatly affect the price of the plane ticket. Fly during low season because ticket prices can be very high during the holiday season or on weekends . Peak season in the world occurs during year-end holidays or summer holidays, while in Indonesia it is during the Eid holiday – that’s when airline tickets have the highest prices and there are very few promos. Another tip, book tickets for departures on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as they are usually cheaper.

3. Right time to order

When ordering tickets, you already have the destination and time of departure, all you have to do is find a price that fits your budget . Please note, the price of air tickets to popular places is very easy and changes quickly. So, when you’ve found the right ticket price, book it right away. Remember, the cheaper the ticket price, the less available it will be.

4. Follow Travel Agent ‘s social media

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you own a smartphone and have social media. Make the best use of its sophistication to get the latest information about cheap airline tickets that are being offered. The trick is to follow the social media accounts of a number of travel agents so you don’t miss the precious moment of hunting for cheap airline tickets.

Important Things Before Boarding a Plane

There are a few things you should consider before enjoying your flight.

  1. Double Check Your Luggage

Don’t be lazy and tired of checking and making sure your luggage. Moreover, important documents related to your flight, such as ID cards for domestic flights and passports for international flights. If your destination is overseas, make sure that your passport is valid for six months before it expires and that you already have a valid visa in the destination country, including a transit visa if needed. In addition, make sure there are no dangerous items or sharp weapons in your bag or cabin, such as knives or scissors, and make sure you don’t carry more than 100 ml of liquid per bottle.

2. Pay attention to your departure time

Remember carefully what date and time your plane flies. For example, a departure at 00:30 on a Tuesday means you have to check in at the airport on a Monday night. We recommend that you do an online check-in the day before so you can choose the seat you want and make the check-in process faster at the airport. Try to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour before domestic departure and 2 hours for international flights.

3. Mark Your Suitcase

It is possible if your suitcase has similarities with other passengers’ luggage. That’s why I’ve never had a black suitcase because there are too many of them. To avoid confusion, we recommend that you mark the suitcase with a bag tag or colored ribbon.

You have cheap tickets in hand, the flight time is clear, your belongings and documents are neatly stored in your bag, then you are ready to take your flight. Enjoy your flight!