An introvert is known to prefer to spend time alone or with some of the people closest to him. Introverts are typical of people who gather their energy by being alone instead of having to meet a lot of people and be involved in social circles. However, that doesn’t mean introverts are anti-social. An introvert can, really, make friends with others. It’s just that he’s more comfortable with being alone.

Introverts are the type to draw energy with a reflection of themselves. It’s true that many think introverts are shy and quiet, but in relationships they can be more open with people they trust. When it comes to communication, introverts tend not to like small talk or small talk and prefer to discuss meaningful things.

For introverts, the first date is difficult and requires adjustment. He was not very enthusiastic and was worried because it was his first experience meeting new people. However, once introverts get to know their partners more deeply, they will know how to treat them in the best possible way.  

Although introverts are considered difficult to build their first love relationship, there are, you know, signs that your relationship is healthy as an introvert. Want to know anything? Launching from Introvert Dear, check out the 7 signs you have a healthy relationship as an introvert below.

1. You feel like you are yourself

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an Introvert

An introvert will prefer to be alone when his thoughts and feelings are already messed up. In a relationship, how nice it is if someone can understand you and he is like a home when you are sad or happy. If you feel honest with yourself and act as you are in front of your partner, it’s a sign that your relationship is healthy!

2. Your partner understands that you need some alone time

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an Introvert

It will be difficult if in building a relationship there is no sense of mutual understanding. Especially if the extrovert and introvert personalities unite, but don’t want to understand each other. To make your relationship healthier, try to convey your needs, including your need to reflect on everything that happened today.

3. Your partner cares about your world

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an Introvert

Being a good listener is not easy. Even when a person has become a therapist, he must still learn to listen to his patients. Likewise in a relationship, it is necessary to have the ability to understand your partner by hearing his story. 

If your partner is willing to spend time just listening to you, be happy because it means he cares about your world. This is the happiest sign of a healthy relationship.

4. You feel the passion in your relationship

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an Introvert

Quite a lot of introverts use their intuition to feel something because it is very possible for introverts who like to reflect on themselves. That way, it’s important for introverts to listen to your every intuition and know how you’re feeling.

When an introvert feels drained of energy, it really needs to be replenished. Likewise in relationships, you also need to pay attention to what level of energy your relationship is. If you feel sad, disappointed, and bored, your relationship may be unhealthy. On the other hand, if you feel happy, satisfied, and at peace, it means that your relationship is very good.

5. You are supported to be the best version of you

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an Introvert

A hope, dream, and passion is always in the introvert’s heart. As much as possible he will pursue what he aspires to and what he likes. Like starting a business, teaching children, or opening a cake shop. If your partner supports what you dream of, it’s a sign he also supports you to be the best version of you.

6. Your partner is happy, but doesn’t depend on you

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an Introvert

You are united with your partner of course there is a goal, namely to love each other and be happy together. However, that does not mean being happy together must depend on a partner. There is an interesting quote from Will Smith, “Happily he is not my responsibility. He deserves to be happy and I also deserve to be happy in our own way.”

A healthy relationship does not make couples always depend on each other for happiness, but each of them brings different preferences and backgrounds to share and produce a sense of happiness. This will be a very fun and good thing to keep the relationship healthy.

7. Your partner talks about the most difficult things with you

7 Signs You Have a Healthy Relationship as an IntrovertBehind his quiet introvert personality, he just wants to be understood and loved because the world often misunderstands him. This misunderstanding can result in endless conflict for the couple. Especially if there is a problem, your partner chooses to run and doesn’t solve it properly. In fact, just to validate the emotions within.

On the other hand, if your partner knows the importance of being honest with your partner to always talk about anything, it will build good communication in the relationship. A sign that you also have a healthy relationship with your partner.

Here are 7 signs that you have a healthy relationship as an introvert. The main thing in maintaining a relationship is good communication because things that are considered difficult to solve will become easy with communication.