De Djawatan

acen jalanpendaki in de djawat

It’s an hour’s drive from the homestay, even though it’s almost too late because there’s no clear sign and sis google, you know, if you give information it’s sudden: 600 meters to the right at the fork. Where do I understand sis!

Fortunately, I asked people at a red light to avoid going too far, like going to Baluran yesterday. After arriving and only paying IDR 7k for the entrance ticket and parking the motorbike, I was immediately very happy to be greeted by the extraordinary big green trees that lined up.



Red Island Beach – Red Island

Acen JalanHikers on Pulau Merah Beach

Satisfied with the photos at De Djawatan, my intention was to go straight home and rest to prepare to meet Ijen Crater. But in fact, it was unstable to go to Boom Beach or Red Island Beach first, because De Djawatan was right in their midst.

But if you go to Pulau Merah Beach, the homestay is far away, if you go to Boom Beach, how come you can wait later because it’s close to the city.

Finally I decided to go to Pulau Merah Beach with all the risks that I had to bear afterwards. Come home late, rest less, on the road in the rain. But it’s equivalent to a sunset view, cheap young coconuts on the beach, and dragon fruit for IDR 10k to get 5 kg.

The original, usually buying a dragon fruit in Jakarta for just one seed can be more than Rp. 10k, this is actually a sack! Which is so cute again!



How did you last night just leaving me to sleep like that hahaha. The song I played last night made me sleepy, didn’t it?

Well, then I’ll play a song that’s more beatable, so you’ll be excited to hear the story of my journey today.

Where do you want to start listening to my story?

Since last night I was disturbed at the star fruit inn.. Can I just skip straight to my travel stories?


So, actually, why did I want to call you last night because the night it got at the star fruit inn the more delicious it was. 

I’ve had a feeling that it’s not okay since noon, so it’s getting worse at night, apparently.

I kept turning on the light, you know, because I didn’t want any elements of surprise when I fell asleep and then woke up because I needed to pee.

While trying to forget the uncomfortable feeling, like something is stuck in my heart, I just keep playing Instagram. While looking for a destination for the next day. When I was having fun looking at de djawatan’s photos, suddenly someone knocked on the door of the room.

knock knock knock

I thought like: Anjeng at night like this, if someone knocks on the door of the room, people are not surprised. Where in the area, if it’s already past 9 pm, how quiet is it, you know, right?

Then again, WHO TRIED to come to me?

My people in Banyuwangi are alone. No friends. Even my inn is also remote.

knock knock knock

Even if it’s the owner of the inn, I don’t think I have the right to open the door, right? 

door opening sound

Well, I think it was a knock from my bedroom door. It turned out that someone approached the next door neighbor.

Well, yes, but yesterday afternoon there seemed to be no one but me. Turns out there was a next door neighbor anyway. When do they come? People, yesterday evening when I came home from dressing, all the rooms were still dark.

But okay, I don’t want to think about other things, after that I’ll just continue googling looking for info about de djawatan. Since then, looking at photos of celebgrams playing around with the office, it’s really good.

The trees are very big. It’s not just big, you could say it’s a giant. It’s fun to take photos there. Although I doubt my photos will be good. Already alone, use a gopro too right? Ha ha.



I almost threw my cell phone out of surprise.

When I was scrolling through the office, I suddenly felt like there was a woman’s voice laughing from the front.

Original! This is the fix for the starfruit fix!

Do you know what I did after that? 

I immediately took the headset, put on a loud song in my ear, I really don’t want to know!

It’s okay, after hearing the voices of the ladies and gentlemen, I felt like I had given up so stupidly, the sound of the wind passing by appeared. Which suddenly sounded like the sound of things falling from the front. All kinds of things I just leave it alone until I’m tired.

Until finally I fell asleep.

It’s annoying again, even though I fell asleep, I didn’t sleep peacefully.

Suddenly my dream just got possessed by the starfruit watchman earlier. 

The dream is like this, I don’t remember where it is anymore, but I’m walking around like that. When I arrived in front of a very tall building, I suddenly stopped. Then why do I not feel good. 

While walking slowly I came to the junction between the building and the road. Turn that way. When I turned the corner, I passed a lady with long hair flying. 

I immediately shouted. Keep running away from the ladies because they are afraid.

But when I looked it wasn’t there. 

Then I ran again, I just had to stay away from it, ladies and gentlemen. Eh, I found the collusion again, then passed the miss again. 

I shouted while raising my hand, uh, suddenly I woke up, and actually raised my hand again.

Anjir, very tired of sleeping at the inn. Where is your body really tired, when you are sleeping instead of resting, you are being chased by mad madam.

Luckily when I woke up it was already 8 in the morning. So I immediately cleaned up, checked out faster, and entered the inn in front of Karangasem station faster. Let us rest for a while there before going to de djawatan.

Well, that’s the horror story. Hopefully tonight there will be nothing else. It’s okay, I heard that here it is very thick with mystical things like this. Even there are tours of all the horror places here.

Actually, I want to play on Alas Purwo, but I don’t dare to do this myself. The center is unseen as people say there.

Already ah, don’t talk about the occult anymore. It’s late at night, I’m afraid that Ms. has followed me here, it could be a bitch, I’m going to have to go to Ijen Crater tomorrow morning, right?

I’ll just continue to tell you about it, okay?

So, after I finished cleaning up at the new inn, the name is Ijen Star, I’ll be lying down for a while, right. You know it’s already 10 o’clock. Well, I immediately rushed to the de djawatan.

The thing is, from Karangasem station to De Djawatan in Benculuk, Google says it’s about 40-50 km. It’s almost 1 hour away. Depends on the speed.

Well, I’m a motorcyclist, just take it easy. The name is the Java cross path, yes, there are enemies. Those on the tronton track, slang buses, pickups, ladies and gentlemen, don’t wear helmets. Oops, dealing with me and my sisters is not day and night hahaha.

Surprisingly, there were not so many obstacles to getting to the office. It’s smooth. Yes, just follow google maps straight away. However, I almost missed the turn, after all, the signpost de djawatan didn’t look very visible.

Until de djawatan, what does this look like… Perhutani? Yes, it’s a forest. 

It’s just that I’m surprised, if it looks like miracles in the photos, it’s really cool. 

When you get there, yes… that’s all. The giant trees whose leaves cover the sky are turned into tourist parks. There are many trees lined up, some are given swings. Some have turned into tree houses. There are given themes.

Maybe if you’re busy with friends, it’s going to be fun, right?

If you’re alone, it’s a half hour of fun. Abi is bored. What else do you want to try? People just take their own pictures hihi.

But the entrance ticket is really cheap, only 7 thousand, and parking is 5 thousand. Can be satisfied playing with the trees.

Then since it was still too early to return to the inn, I just googled it and continued to tourist attractions near de Djawatan. It’s really improved sometimes when you’re traveling alone like this. Ha ha.

forest de djawat

Finally I found the right one, I went to Pulau Merah Beach.

I’m tired of talking about it, I’ll take a drink for a while and wear it out. You’re not tired of listening to me, are you?

Yes, yes, it’s okay if you fall asleep again like last night. Yes, you really like to hear me talk. what did he say? Antimo babe?

Hahaha… your base.

Alright, I’ll continue with the story.

It turns out that from De Djawatan to Pulau Merah Beach, it still takes another hour of travel, meaning that it takes 2 hours to return from Pulau Merah Beach to Karangasem station. When I looked at the clock, there was still enough rest time to go to Ijen Crater in the morning.

Well, I’m in the rush to just follow the maps. 

The roads in Java are still good, you know, for motorbikes. I feel like I’m still making video content using a gopro when the roads are smooth but on the right and left of the fields. At that time, I felt like I was in a traveling film.

The motorcyclist, in the middle of the rice fields, laughing to himself like crazy, but happy. It’s overflowing with joy.

Again, if it’s like being in a movie scene, it’s best to have the right background sound. Like this time huh?

When I arrived at Pulau Merah Beach, I immediately ordered young coconut ice. It’s cool on the beach drinking coconut haha, it’s like really enjoying the moment. Which is cheap too, only 10k is already fruit coconut, not the one in the glass.

Then I chatted for a while with his coconut brother, he said this beach is often used for surfing too. Seriously, I really want to surf here sometime.

Actually, I still feel at home on the beach of this red island, it’s just a shame it looks like it’s about to rain, so I just hurry back.

Well, what was unexpected was this, actually along the way to Pulau Merah Beach I noticed that there were a lot of cactus-like trees along the way, I already knew it was a dragon fruit tree.

red island dragon fruit

My neighbor in the village used to cultivate dragon fruit, so I understand.

Only thing I don’t know is that it’s dragon fruit season here. 

Then there are like impromptu cottages selling dragon fruit on the side of the road. When you see the price board, do you know how much?

10 thousand. 5 kilograms.

Yes, 10 thousand. 5 kilograms. Anjir really panicked me. INEXPENSIVE!

Usually in Jakarta 10 thousand is one seed. It’s 5 KILO!

I’m like… wow, will it be economical for me to eat dragon fruit until my trip is over? Ahaha

That’s right, so my trip budget can be really signed haha.

Well, I bought the dragon fruit for 10 thousand. Managed to get maybe almost 20 small size grains. 

This just arrived at the inn, because there were so many and I couldn’t finish it myself, I just gave half of it to the innkeeper haha.