Kids are adorable in their own way. When we look at our childhood photo albums or pics of babies online, it’s hard not to admire how lovely and innocent the little ones are. However, there are times when we can see that children look more like tiny versions of old people than some cute chubby cheeks we might want to bite. And it’s not like there’s anything wrong with that – born without any teeth and hair with a grouchy expression on our faces, that’s how most of us look when we come into this world.


18 Babies That Look Like They’ve Had Enough With This Life

#1. This baby is already sick of his grandchild’s shit

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#2. Middle-aged man headed to a job he hates


#3. “My newborn daughter looks like someone just snatched her handbag”

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#4. “My wife gave birth to Steve Buscemi”

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#7. Time to change what?

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#8. This disgruntled baby

babies look like they've had enoughSource: Triggercut72

#9. “Our grumpy old man is 3mo and happy as a clam”

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#10. “My son is only 5 days old and already has seen some shit.”

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#11. “The look my grandpa gives me when I try to explain what a “selfie” is.”

babies look like they've had enoughSource: a_bloody_taco

#12. The angriest newborn

babies look like they've had enoughSource: 867-53OhNein

#13. This baby is a withered farmer

babies look like they've had enoughSource: reddit

#14. Grumpy old man

babies look like they've had enoughSource: bulletproofreader

#15. “If that ain’t a Gollum ass baby, I don’t know what is!”

babies look like they've had enoughSource: PrincessFluffyBunny

#16. The forehead and hairline of a century old man.

babies look like they've had enoughSource: shootforthunder

#17. Instant old man when he’s angry

babies look like they've had enoughSource: dildoboat24

#18. “Who’s in charge here? I need to speak with the manager.”

babies look like they've had enoughSource: noicenuggs