Autumn in Tohoku is so beautiful not without reason. The area is dominated by mountains and forests, making it look like a painting from October to November.

Tohoku is a region in Japan that has 6 prefectures. It is located at the northern tip of Honshu Island. Access is very easy because it is passed by the Shinkansen super fast train.

1. Ride the Hakkoda Ropeway

You must try this cable car in Aomori. A ten-minute trip to the top of Mount Hakkoda during peak autumn in mid-October will truly amaze you!

Above the peak of Hakkoda we can trekking around the top of the mountain. The view is amazing. But prepare a rather thick jacket because the autumn temperatures at this altitude will be a bit similar to winter!


2. Take a walk along the Oirase Gorge

Along the Oirase Gorge there is a river flowing from Lake Towada which is a volcanic lake. In the past, this river was formed from rocks thrown during volcanic eruptions tens of thousands of years ago.

Oirase has a romantic view. Especially if you can walk along this 14 km track with your partner. There is a shady forest, cool air, the sound of running water, and colorful leaves that look very poetic. This place is a must visit if you are in Aomori!


3. Canoeing on Lake Towada

Lake Towada is the largest lake on Honshu Island. The lake is part of the Towada-Hachimantai National Park. It belongs to two prefectures, Aomori and Akita. Well, one thing you can do here is take a canoe to get around the lake! 


4. Tour Lake Towada on a cruise

If you are lazy to paddle yourself, you can also join an excursion boat to go around the most famous lake in the Tohoku region. Autumn is indeed a very beautiful sight on this lake, but in other seasons it is no less interesting! Look at the yellow leaves in the sun. They are golden in color!


5. Stop at the Jogakura Bridge

Still in Aomori, around the foot of Mount Hakkoda we can find this bridge. The bridge that connects the two hills has a view of the colorful ravine with the river below which is extraordinary if we look at it from the top of the bridge. This is a sight that you can’t get everyday right?


6. Passing the mountain roads of the Hachimantai Aspite Line

You will pass this road if you take a vehicle from Akita to Iwate. Along the 27 km of this road will provide views of the mountains with a background of typical autumn leaves. I wanted to sleep all the way through. But as soon as I passed this street, my camera battery almost ran out because I couldn’t stop taking pictures!


7. Walk the Geibiki Gorge

We can enjoy the two kilometers long canyon that adorns the Satetsu river by boat. The river is shallow and calm, so boats don’t need a motor. This makes the atmosphere look very natural.

On the way, our ship’s captain, who uses a large pole to propel the ship, sings songs that tell local folk tales. The beautiful landscape with the beautiful background music also gives me goosebumps!

8. Enjoy the Outdoor Onsen

Onsen is a Japanese hot spring pool. In my opinion, autumn is the best time for an outdoor onsen.

Because of this, the onsen is warm and tends to be hot, while autumn is cold, but not freezing. Tends to be cool. So the sensation that the upper body gets is cold but the lower part gets hot. I think this is really good! If it’s winter, you won’t be able to withstand the cold and end up having to soak your whole body in warm water!

Pssst, this onsen is only for those of you who have the guts because you have to take off all your clothes in the pool that you share together. If you have the guts to shrink like me, you can order a private onsen like the photo above hihi!


9. Harvesting Apples in Iwate

Autumn is apple harvest season. There are many apple plantations around Mount Kitakami, Iwate that can be a place to pick apples. Usually if we are in the garden we can eat as much as we like the apples we pick. In the Tohoku area the apples are very good. Really crunchy but a lot of water. So if you make juice, it’s very fitting.


10. Enjoying Autumn in Sendai City

Sendai is the capital of Miyagi Prefecture, a metropolis in the Tohoku region. The city is very shady, lots of trees on either side of the road. Don’t forget to eat mochi because the mochi here is the best in Japan. Also stop by Aobajo castel park, the park above a former castle that was built four centuries ago.

This park is at a height. From here you can see the city of Sendai and the Pacific Ocean. In the center of the park is a statue of Date Masamune, a feudal founder of Tohoku in his day.


11. Play with the foxes at Zao Fox Village

If you like cute animals like cats or dogs, then you will love foxes. This fox is like a mix between a dog and a cat. They are originally wild animals, but in a fairly large captivity in Zao, Miyagi prefecture, we can have limited interaction with foxes.


12. Passing the mountain road of Zao Ecoline

Just like the Hachimatai Aspite line, this line is more or less similar. However, this line connects Miyagi and Yamagata prefectures. This road is usually closed from November to April due to very heavy snow. But if you pass this road in autumn, get ready to spoil your eyes with a game of color!


13. Trekking ke atas Rissahaku-ji Temple di Yamadera

risshakuji temple

This shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Tohoku, precisely in the city of Yamagata. The view from up here is beautiful. But you have to pay for it by stepping on 1015 steps from the bottom to the top. Your struggle will pay off when you get to the top.


14. Festival Chrysanthemum at Nanyo

In Yamagata prefecture , in Nanyo city to be exact, every autumn there is a festival that displays the colorful flowers that are the mascots of Japan. Even though you may only know cherry blossoms, Chrysanthemum is actually Japan’s national flower. Even the logo on the passport of Japanese citizens is this flower.

There is a doll from a Japanese folklore character named Kaguya, who is a princess from the moon who came down to Earth. At this festival, Kaguya was decorated with 1200 living chrysanthemum flowers on her dress. It’s amazing even though it looks a little bit goosebumps hihi!


15. Enjoy the view of Lake Inawashiro

This lake is one of the largest lakes in Japan. It is also popularly known as Tenyo-ko, which means heaven’s mirror lake. Because it reflects the view of Mount Bandai very perfectly in the water. But as you can see, I’m holding an umbrella, so I’m sorry I haven’t gotten a very good photo. This is a sign I have to go back there again.


16. See autumn leaves while learning Japanese history at Tsurugajo

The castle, which was built in 1384, has changed hands from time to time. It has been destroyed several times, until it finally became one of the museums that presents the history of Japan.

Starting from the collection   of the Edo period, Shogunate, Samurai, to Japanese culture in the past. All served within the five floors of this majestic castle. Do not forget also around the castle there is a garden that has cherry trees that are turning yellow this autumn.



17. Stroll through Ouchijuku Traditional Village

In the Edo period, travelers who traveled from Nikko City to Aizu City had to obey regulations that required them to walk. That’s why at that time there were so many shops and resting places in the Ouchijuku area. Currently, Ouchijuku has been restored to be like a shopping arcade with a look that is similar to the Edo period.