In the world of climbing, there are many people with various characteristics that can be classified into certain types of climbers or types of climbers.

What do you want to know? Cuss, look directly at the types of climbers obtained from the trusted and international class ACen Nielsen survey agency (lol):

1. Newbie Climber 

This type of climber can be said to be someone who has never climbed but really wants to climb and fall freely in the world of climbing. Doi will work hard googling here and there, asking left and right, in order to get information about the world of climbing and which mountain he will climb first according to his ability. Newbie climbers will exercise regularly to face their first climb. Worth emulating, exemplary, and okay to be a role model.

2. Senior Climber

His name is also senior, this type of climber must have been poor across the world of climbing, apart from his experience, of course because of his age, which is usually old. It means a little old. Just mention which mountains in Indonesia he has not touched, maybe even mountains outside of Indonesia he has explored.

3. Real Climber

This type of climber is a very down to earth climber. He just kept quiet about his son, but… his experience in the world of climbing doesn’t need to be questioned. He also adheres to the principles of climbing. Survival skills can be pitted. Maturity of mind can be explored. Climbing events such as 7 summit, 20 days 20 mountains, clean mountains, clear mountains, marathons on mountains, he may have done. Don’t ask about his contribution to nature. This type of climber is a top markotop climber and always applies the 7 Good Things to Do on the Mountain .

climber type

4. Climber 5cm

This type of climber was discovered recently after the 5cm film boom. Recently, more and more people want to be called juple instead of their real name, because they feel like they are similar to Juple. There are also those who want to be called Ian maybe because they are the same weight. Or Genta? Or Riani? Or ah… I’m tired.

Most of these 5cm climbers, according to what I’ve read, are climbers who suddenly appear at events with hundreds or even thousands of participants. Until now, sometimes I still can’t understand whether it’s climbing a mountain or going on umrah. Oh yes, of course the mountain whose target is Mount Semeru . And it feels like in the movies, sometimes these climbers just climb without complete preparation, right in the movie everything is easy and has a happy ending, cyin. 

5. Rempong climber

This type of climber has the closest example, namely me. Ask friends who have hiked with me. How can I be fussy when I ask about logistics, this is down to the details. How do I want to climb all day and night, it’s like I want to move house. How to bring clothes, there is already spare, there are other spares. How.. ah, it’s really messy!

6. Bourgeois Climber

It’s clear from the type, these climbers are among the people with money. Can be seen from everything branded. Versace shoes, gucci mountaineering bags, louboutin mountaineering shoes, Indomaret raincoats, anything that’s obviously branded and expensive. With the money, he could even pay a porter to carry him from the bottom to the top until he came back again. The problem is, is there a porter who wants it?

7. Desperate Climber 

Ah well, I’m too lazy to explain this type of climber. It’s just mellow by nature when you climb a mountain. Sad face, unsteady walk, vent a little, ah yes, that’s it. Surely you’ve met why climbers like this model.


8. American-Next-Stop-Model-Wannabe Hiker

This type of climber can be seen from his behavior, when he meets a nice tree, he immediately poses, meets a little rock, immediately takes a photo, even when he is broke if necessary. A climber like this when he comes home from climbing usually has more than 1000 photos of himself either on his camera or on the cameras of his friends.

9. Hiker Photographer

If this one is the opposite of the previous one, if the previous one is posing a little bit, this one will stop a little bit every time there is a good object that can be photographed. This type of climber often suddenly disappears and suddenly appears, but is easily recognized because of the camera that (always) hangs on his chest.

10. Vandal-Alay Climber

Honestly, it’s a bit painful to write, but I think this type of climber must be eradicated, and given social punishment if we meet. Why? Because this type of climber is a climber whose passion is scribbling rocks, public space, carving trees, with the words “was here was here” or the names of gangs (confessed) nature lovers, or for example “sprawl love markonah” and the like. Besides being annoying because he has a girlfriend, it’s even more annoying why he has to show it off, sik. right?

Oh yes, climbers like this also grab edelweiss and harvest it as if they had grown it. Anyway, usually people like this are not recognized as climbers.

11. Religious Climber

It’s clear, if this type of climber innately prays only. Pay all if you can. But climbers like this make me gasp and wake up, how come even in a rainstorm they are still trying to pray, while I’m already in my sleeping bag blinking. I was slapped and moved at the same time. Forgive my laziness, Lord~~


12. Tasteless Male Climber

This type is a type of climber who smokes very strongly. It’s no secret that mountain climbing is associated with smooth breathing. Supposedly, smoking is a bit heavy to climb the mountain, but for this type of climber, smoking is actually an additional breath!

Anyway, be careful bro, your health is kuwi you know…

13. Climber Porter

This type of climber has the ability to carry extraordinary items. Maybe by the time Dr. Burton was splashed with a liquid that made him the hulk, this type of climber splashed a little. This person’s ability is very impressive, apart from being able to carry gravel as big as a refrigerator, he also moves quickly even though the terrain is climbing uphill. I’ve met people like this. Once.

14. Doraemon Climber

This type of climber is the most unique, rare, and also worthy of being picked up. You know doraemon right? Yep, almost everything you (possibly) need is in this type of climber. For example, blisters on feet need hansplast – he has it, he needs nail clippers – he takes it, needs more gloves – he prepares it, needs warmth – he provides it, needs a shoulder for support – he does it, needs a hand invitation – he wants to be invited, needs focus on the future – he.. just ask the person yourself.

15. Selfish Climber

Climbers like this are among the most annoying and most hated types of climbers in the world. How could it not be, his behavior was just what he wanted to do, he never helped his group, suddenly he had disappeared somewhere, and whatever he wanted, otherwise he would get angry, he asked for a big beating. Eh, are there climbers trying to make things like this? :p

16. Kere Hiker

Obviously this is the opposite of the bourgeois type of climber. Usually, this type appears because they are still in school, in college, or are really cool. You don’t have to look at the things that are mostly borrowed, but look at how sad his face looks when he runs out of money to go home. But, over time, climbers like this model will have money. Believe me. Believe me. *personal experience

17. Multitalented Climber

This type of climber has extraordinary talent. He can cook and is often the main chef of his group, can build a tent, can first aid, can iron, can also be ordered to clean, is this really a climber or a helper?

He can sing, he can play music, he can write, he can laugh, he’s handsome, he has a shoulder to lean on.